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Hey guys. I'm new to imports in general but picked up my '90 Civic LX cheap as a gas car. I can see why these cars are popular. Small, light and fun to drive. Which also leads me to the understanding why engine swaps are so popular. lol I don't see me fixing up this one, just cuz it's old and the body isn't great, but I definitely have the urge to find another "toy."

Anyways, I also am a very avid motorcyclist. I primarily ride a '92 FZR600, but also have an old '85 Kawi Eliminator 900 sitting in the garage.

And that's me.....nice to meet you. :D
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Hi, my name's Eric and a few months ago I bought an 86 CRX si with the stock EW4 engine. I recently finished rebuilding it since it had some coolant issues and the last owner swapped on an incorrect head (from a carbureted d15a2...I recognized this since another car of mine has it--the CVCC chambers also say it shouldn't be on a fuel injected car).

I also bought an 85 CRX as a parts car, though it looks like it has a carbureted EW2 so it won't contribute any useful engine bay parts. I'm hoping to swap in a powerful Honda engine--either an H series, B18, LS/vtec or CR/vtec, but I have a lot more to research before I do.

Right now I'm a junior RF engineer in Los Angeles, but this isn't going to be my career for long. Skillwise, I'm pretty good with computers and math, and this is the third time I've taken apart an engine--though I've never disassembled the lower end. I'm hoping to learn how to weld and fab, so I can possibly fab/weld engine mounts, exhaust tubing and exhaust headers for all cars I plan on modifying.
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Jamned, you have set the bar high for yourself on the engines you're considering swapping in. All the options you laid out have the highest deck height you could try to deal with in such a tiny engine bay. I know from experience that any of the B16s are a tight fit, and really cut down your ground clearance with a JDM 4-1 header.

Of course, you're dealing with a very light platform, so just keep in mind that it doesn't take extreme power to make a very quick car.

I've got a fair amount of work done to my EW1 block with EW3 head ['85 DX block, '85 Si head], so about your comment about not having useful engine bay parts in your parts car, I can tell you the EW2 is an HF, and you're right, you don't want to use the block, head or pretty much anything from the long block is out for performance. You could swap out the 5th gear ratio from the HF tranny into your current car if you want to drop down your highway cruise RPM by quite a bit, though the best thing you could find yourself is an '85 Si complete transmission, it's the only one of the 1st gens with a higher FD ratio, which gives you a bit more torque off the line, and a better overall "feel" on the gear spacing.

I could go on and on, but you get the idea. You definately have a lot of learning and research to do being new to 1st Gens ;)

Welcome to the board.
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Hey Y'all I'm Don,
I'm new to forums, but I've had Hondas over the years (2 crx's & one beat-up 89 integra). My current baby is a 91 Civic DX that I'm making plans to upgrade (I'm not looking to build up a racer, but just to get some modern convenience to my daily driver).

I don't have a lot of mechanical experience but I can change my oil and my spark plugs if someone is silly enough to trust me w/ tools.

The car is in relatively good condition, there are a lot of things that need to be replaced this year. So I figure that now is the time to replace/upgrade and have fun w/ it. I'll do a little at a time, maybe one project a month or so, but not rush it.

Anyway, thanks for listening. Looking forward to the future and getting great ideas and solutions from you folks.

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Hi there! I joined this forum to find out all I can about an engine/trans combo I found. I realize it may not be a really popular idea, but I plan to install it in a two-wheel motorcycle I'm building (one of those projects that just won't leave me alone). It's a D15B2, and I was wondering how to find out what year car it came from, etc. I couldn't find a reference chart on the 'net, so here I am.
I'm a bike rider of over thirty years, a hot-rodder, and car racer. I work as a welder/fabricator, and live in a town of about 70 people in the mountains of Coplorado. I'd appreiate any help I can get. Thanks. Animal
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hi my name is berdo, ive been gone for a while mostly lurking around these days, but i have a crx in the projects. its a 89 dx with a ef8 front end, doch zc(contemplating turbo). well i just need to find time to finish up the rebuild and drop the motor in. will post pic up as soon as im finished. other than that ive been in love with hondas since i was 14yrs old, its not a job but just a hobby.
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What up Guys ,

My name is Berto ,i own a 1990 Civic hatch that is my daily driver and project still has the d15b2 engine that smokes (go figure) with Header and 2 1/2 " custom cat-back with fart cannon (very loud) ,custom made short ram intake (from 90-93 accord),battery relocated to trunk,integra front seats, and 96 ls meshie wheels w/toyo tires195/55/15,KYB struts w/Zenn drop springs 1.8 F&R,replica spoon mirrors,Had a good Carbon Fiber Hood til it flew up and smashed my windshield last month(still on car til i get a new one)
with first mod / wheels

with hood ,lowered,etc

yea it needs body work but will be picking up a 91 hatch this week.....
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Hi everyone. Didn't have time to introduce myself until now. My name is John Smith, I have a 1990 Civic Hatchback. Has an imported DOHC ZC engine, exedy clutch kit, dropped tokico springs, performance exhaust from headers to tailpipe with highflow cat, performance distributor, blaster coil, and spark plugs, and cold air intake with K&N air filter, brand new Khumo tires sitting on flat black steelies. It's a sleeper =D painted British Racing Green.

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Hi i just bought my first car 1990 crx with a b18a1 swap...Just here to help out and contribute to the forums. im only 17 so might have some newbie questions haha
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hey newbie to site , i own a honda crx si model nothing majorly done just common stuff intake,header/exhuast, lowering springs with upper and lower strut bars ,lil interior work ,stereo system (db drags style) currently have 17 focal wrapped with dunlops , wings west urathene kit ,civic 3 door front fenders fiberglass,swapped out head lights for angel eyes, clear taillights, nothing major a 5 year project, now in primer , but iam looking to swap out mt 17 for 15 rims soooon
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