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Who are you? Introduce yourselves.

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I am Vishaun. Been installing stuff since 97 in other ppls cars and eventually started installing professionally for Circuit City in 03. Worked there for 1.5 years and moved so I do this out of my garage now(alarms, radios, etc). Ha, I even started doin mechanical work(timing belts, etc) on ppls cars too. Studying Computer Engineering(very close to electrical) so I know a lot about the theories of electronics and how stuff works. I have a 98 Integra with a medium system. Nothing too big but just fine for my listening pleasure. Also have a Viper 791xv(with some add ons) which is the best investment I have ever made with car electronics.
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what up im j i gotta 90 teg for now with a system, headers, intake, tint, and a bunch of headlight and tail light shit, i think im buying a new teg or an RSX after winter but it depends on what deals i find......anyway, ive always been a bass head and thats what i care about the most id have to say, i got 2 12"s in a bandpass box right now which thump and im planning on getting 2 more in the same type of box...ive always loved subs since i was a little kid, i had 4 12"s in my room by the time i was 12

this is off topic but does anyone know about RSX's? because i found a pretty good deal i might look into but i dono if i should stick with another teg or try the rsx
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Hello Fellow HAN members, Im Randy, 28 and live in So Cal all my life and loving it. Been around the import scene for quite a while now. And having a nice import, my theroy was you had to have nice sounds. At first I didnt know how or what to do with amps, speakers..etc.etc.. So had a friend do the install for me. Boy did he Phuck things up. I had dead lights, blown fuses..etc.. It was a mess. I then started learning how to install audio's my self. Hardest thing I had to figure out was why my set up sounded like crap and I couldnt get max power I needed to the amp. I used a 18aug power line and used the stereo source power for input to the amp!!! Duhh me..

Im more of a speed kinda guy than sounds now. I remember my first event ever was @ a race event in palmdale in like i think 94 or 95. I was like 16-17 and saw Steffan Papadakis (when he was sponsered by JG Engine Dynamics) 91 Black EF hatch platter himself into the low 11's. I didnt know anything about it or felt that 11's was fast untill I actually drove down the 1320's for myself. Ever since then, I have always amired those 11 sec cars and attending the events more often. I found myself installing like little parts from air filters to audio speakers, @ that time there was hardly any cars that was turbo'd. Only the rich could afford it or the sponsered cars have them and not one on the streets had it (that I seen or knew of). I really started heavy engine work when I met Viet Lam of wicked racing. Learned alot from Viet when he and Steff had Honda Pro in Santa Ana. Both really cool guys.

My first car ever was a hand me down old yellow faded beat up station wagon that had rusted green doors. I did all sorts of things to that car till it gave out and I sold it for like 100 bucks. (Suprised I even got 100 bucks for it). My 2nd car was a coupe b18c turbo as well. It was if I could remember in the summer of 96 or 97 that I drove that car down teh 1/4 miles @ 12.8 sec @ 115 mph. Then within the years I worked my way up to a fully built b18c EG turbo. Fastest car I ever owned too bad I never got the chance to time it.

Well thats my intro to who I am and how I got started.

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whatsup guys.... my name is ryan.... i worked at best buy for a year as a stereo installer.... i generally hang out in the integra forums.... i was MECP certified, but quit before my retest, either way im here to help....

i drive a supercharged 97 integra LS... done most of the work (sept supercharger) myself.... so i can help with that as well....andddd..i JUST hit 1000 posts ... im happy :)
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Default New member - Takis Petropoulos (yes, it is Greek)

Hey guys, my name is Takis and i just bought an Accord LX 2004 with 25k on it - great shape
i have some experience with repairing cars on the mechanical and electrical side (use to install sound systems in Greece when i was younger and worked in a mechanic shop for fun during the summers)

I used to drive a Ford Contour (noone is perferct...) :) and i used to post on the forums for a while - all that until i got t-boned and my car got totaled

So i decided to get in to the Honda space, especially after i worked with my cousin to revive a 1990 Accord EX (alternator, main relay, fuel pump, temperature/fan switches, new speakers, 2 new window regulators for the left side, etc, etc, etc...;) )
I was driving that car for 4 months now and really loved it so here i am

I've used your forum in the past 10 days quite a bit and found some very useful information so i am now an official member.

Nice to meet you all - i know i will enjoy talking to you
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Welcome :D
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Hello I'm a Noob on here I know, but I have a lot of knowledge in my 24 years of being a human. I started with car audio after my cousins friend let me ride in his 1980ish Suburban at the age of about 10. He had 4..yes 4 18" kickers pushed by 2 PPI art series amps. I still have the pics...somewhere. Since then I have been a Bass head ever since. I can never forget how much that system hit:eek: and I always envied that black truck with limo tint windows running around town hearing him before you saw him.Spending time with my cousin and his friend I learn the basics. Then I got my first car it was a 72 Chevelle ss (dream car since I can remember) with a few engine mods and I had Pioneer HU and 2 sets of 3-way 6x9's with a pioneer amp and 2 12" pioneer free airs. LOL yeah kinda goofy to go all Pioneer but I was only 16. It sounded good though. Went through a few cars since then 96 Civic/ 93 Eclipse GSX/ 03 Civic Lx <--worst car ever!/ 96 Prelude SI:).Alot of my experience comes from friends and reading books and magazines. When I find a hobby I get addicted and don't know when to stop. Words from my wife's mouth. Since my daughter was born in 03' I have been busy working on computers and networking, but I still like to BOOM and ride fast even though im a daddy:rolleyes: .
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i've got an 05 accord coupe and its all stock except that i dropped a kicker l5 and an infinity 611a reference series amp in it....which pounds. i dont post alot around here because i dont know much and im trying to learn as much as i can by searching through old threads and listening to other peoples problems. right now im planning on getting new speakers and a 4 channel amp and then a bunch of performance modifications (springs, wheels, intake, exhaust, possibly a supercharger.) ive learned a ton though since i've started lurking around here
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jani here... 98 accord v6 ex sedan

dont have an audio setup (yet)... stock is treating me fine for now.

i'll try to answer any questions if i can.
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Kay here,
transportation are 92 CiVic Si Hatch and 93 Acura Legend (about to sell out and add an Audi A8 in a couple of months). Ive always focused under the hood only till recently. I just started getting into it cause im converting my track car to a street car and now starting on the I.C.E for it.
im a NooB to this forum so be gentle.

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