Picture thread. Post your pics! <but read guidelines>
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    Picture thread. Post your pics! <but read guidelines>

    We're going to try this again. Hopefully it will go smooth.

    Post pictures of your Honda Civic/Del Sol/EL here!

    Post 2-3 NICE pictures of your car (if you can keep each picture under 200K). And of course include a BIO sheet of your mods and maybe a little about how you got your car and started making it yours.


    If you want to reply or comment on someone's car please use PERSONAL MESSAGE (PM) or email the person please.

    Posts that do not follow these guidelines will be deleted.
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    Someplace with cones=AUTO

    - A'PEXi N1 cat back exhaust, A'PEXi GT headers (painted and wrapped), AEM Cold Air Intake, AEM Pulleys (red), Amsoil 0w-30 or Royal Purple 5w-30, Denso Iridium Spark Plugs, Redline Water Wetter, Sunoco 94 Octane, 18 degrees advanced timing, Energy Suspension Motor Mount bushings, Type R painted valve cover, Billet Aluminum Oil Cap

    - Koni Yellow Sports, Custom Rate Ground Control Coilovers (350f/400r) dropped 2" front, 1.75" rear, Energy Suspension Bushings, Skunk2 Front Camber kit, Ingalls Rear Upper Camber kit, Neuspeed Rear Upper Strut Bar, Neuspeed Rear Lower Strut Bar

    - 2.7 negative front, 2.2 negative rear, 0 toe front and rear. Weight of car with 1/4 tank of gas - 2508lbs.

    - Brembo Rotors, Hawk HPS Front & Rear Brake Pads, Goodrich Stainless Steel Brake Lines, Valvoline SynPower Brake Fluid

    Wheels & Tires:
    15x6" Honda 6 spoke Aluminum Wheels, Hakkapeliitta 2 195/55x15" snow tires

    Race Set-Up (version 1):
    Kosei K1 15x7" (45mm offset), Hoosiers tires 225/45x15" front and 205/50x15" rear, racing valve stems, Axas Racing light weight lug nuts, 3mm spacers

    Race Set-Up (version 2):
    Kosei TS 15x7" (38mm offset), Falken Azenis 205/50x15" tires (shaved), racing valve stems, McGard SplineDrive lug nuts

    - Custom Magnetic Racing Graphics, PIAA Hyperwhite Headlight Bulbs, Honda OEM Fog Lights, PIAA Hyperwhite h3 Bulbs, Gunmetal painted Rear Honda Emblem, Front Emblem Removed, Shaved Stock Antenna, Fuba Amplfied Antenna, Gunmetal painted headlights

    - M&R 5 point harness, Broadway Wide Angle Mirror, Seat belt pads, Razo Red Aluminum Pedals, Autometer Dual Gauge Bezel, Autometer Voltmeter, Autometer Air/Fuel Meter, Skunk2 Short shifter

    Ice & Security:
    - Kenwood MD Player/Receiver, Kenwood 4 Channel Amplifier, Kenwood Subwoofer Amplifier, Boston Rally Speakers, 1 MTX 10" Subwoofer w/enclosure, Clifford Concept 600 Alarm

    Details Details:

    -Finish First Polish car wash, Finish First Polish Detailing spray, Finish First Polish Wax, Finish First Polish Window cleaner, Finish First Polish Metal Polish

    KAM Racing Sports - Reading, PA
    Falken Tire - Rancho Cucamonga, CA
    Finish First Polish - Elk Grove, CA
    Brady's High Performance - Willow Street, PA
    Taggart Performance Engineering - Columbia, PA
    Honda-Acura.net - Charolette, NC


    click here to see my history page

    Special Thanks!!!
    KAM Specalties (Reading, PA), Gary Schmit's Garage, Scot @ Bryn Mawr Stereo & Video (Lancaster, PA), Jones Honda (Lancaster, PA), Ken @ Taggart Engineering Performance (Columbia, PA), Brady's Performance (Willow Street, PA), Nick @ Falken Tires (Rancho Cucamonga, CA), Chris @ Finish First Polish, Daniel @ Honda-Acura.net (Charolette, NC), and of course my wife Theresa and daughter Sarah.

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    Sussex, Wisconsin
    93 Del Sol Si

    Front View

    Everything is stock for right now.

    (2) 1800 watt power acoustik subwoofers
    (2) 220 watt pioneer door speakers
    (1) 1600 watt power acoustik amp (Gothic OV2-1600)
    2000 watt power acoustik AMP kit
    Subwoofer Box

    About the Car
    Bought the car for $4500 with 65k miles on it
    The car now has 67k miles on it.
    at first sight

    Ordering this Summer
    - H&R Race Springs
    - 17" Exel - Ennio (Gunmetal) Wheels
    - Mugen Lip (black)

    Upcoming Mods.
    - Auto to Manual Conversion
    - Turbo

    Questions ? Comments ? PM me
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    KustomKruisin16 on AIM

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    My 1994 Del Sol Si

    Injen Short Ram Intake
    K&N Filter (not the one pictured)
    Suspension Techniques front and rear sway bars.
    Good Ridge stainless brake lines
    Cross Drilled rotors
    S7 Gauges
    MSD spark plug wires
    Ractive muffler ( I know )
    10in JL audio Sub
    American Pro 400w Amp
    Stock tail lights ( sold those dumb altezzis)
    B&M Short throw shifter
    Unidentified lowing springs

    I bought the car off a friend of mines autobody teacher who runs an autobody shop. Bought the car for 600 and aranged to have it completly repaired and repainted from the doors up for 1400. Still working on getting the money together for the big fix up. Looking forward to getting it on the road
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    1993 civic hatch

    -Garrett T3 turbo
    -HKS Bov
    -15" Rota Slips
    -Toyo Proxes FZ4
    -Skunk2 IM
    -Sprint Springs/Shocks
    -Spoon Style Mirrors
    -Stanley Sidemarkers and Corners

    -About the Car:
    Bought it in April 04, ran outta cash in June 04... its alright tho, its what i always wanted a civic to beat a stock mustang.

    -Future Plans:
    turbo timer, fmic, manifold, jdm foggers.
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    fi'd eh hatchbacks are my anti-drug

    My Photoshopping Thread

    My Vouch Thread:

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    YAY PICTURES!!! (although these are almost a year old...don't worry I'm too poor for the car to change quickly)

    For more info on the car, click the link in my sig. Here's the basic stuff:

    Apexi RS (old school) catback exhaust (from an Integra, modified to fit my hatch).

    -Ground Control coilovers with custom spring rates (380F/400R)
    -Koni Sport (Yellows) shocks
    -Neuspeed front upper strut brace
    -Neuspeed front lower tie bar
    -Neuspeed rear lower tie bar
    -Energy Suspension polyurethane trailing arm bushings
    -Energy Suspension master bushing kit
    -Integra front and rear lower control arms
    -Si (92-95) front sway bar (21mm)
    -Integra Type-R rear sway bar (22mm)
    -Beaks subframe reinforcement kit
    -Alignment: -2.5f/-1.5r camber, zero toe all around.

    -'95 Full Integra front and rear brake swap
    -Brembo slotted rotors
    -Axxis Ultimate brake pads
    -no-name braided steel brake lines

    -Konig Helium 15" wheels (10.8 lbs!)
    -Kumho Ecsta Supra 712s front, 711s rear
    -Gutted interior
    Attached Images Attached Images
    '88 FJ62: V8 swap, ARB locked front and rear, full float rear axle, Warn 9.5k
    '96 ToyLex LX450: lifted, 3x Locked, bashed and bruised, 300k miles and counting
    '09 Acura TSX Tech
    '11 Lexus IS 350 AWD

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    heres my car, 94 dx sedan
    Engine Mods:
    magnaflow catback, aem cai, dc header, accel plug wires, ngk plugs, spoon reservoir covers.
    tenzo lowering springs 1.5" drop, front strut bar, rear strut bar, rear lower tie bar, 97 EX front and rear brakes, 97 EX rear trailing arms with ES bushings, 97 EX front suspension, brembo blanks.
    VIS carbon fiber hood, konig greenlights inside ventus HRIIs, red/clear tails, jdm ferio spoiler, jdm ferio door garnishes.
    kevlar cluster bezel, autometer tach, jdm air spencer with squash scent, type R shift knob, generic short shifter.
    my dad bought my car for me when i got my licence when i was 16. right away i started buying things for it.

    PS sorry for the big pic i just wanted to get a full car pic and that was the only one i have. ENJOY!!
    09 Civic EX - current DD
    03 VW Jetta Wolfsburg Edition 1.8T APR tuned - totalled
    94 Integra LS - sold
    94 Civic Ferio - stolen/raped

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    well car is brand new and 100% stock till I get out of my leg cast and can do some mods.

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    Near Albany NY

    1999 Honda Civic Ex
    Wings West W Type Lip Kit
    18 Inch Racing Hart C2's on Hankook tires
    Ground Control Coilovers lowered about 1.8 inches
    Ingalls Front and Rear Camber Kit
    Zex Dry Nitrous system
    Apexi WS catback exhaust
    Injen Short air Intake
    2 12inch JLw3subs with a JBL Bp600.1 amp
    Pioneer 6.5 inch InDash DVD/cd/mp3 player
    PS2 Gaming System Mounted in floor

    :edited: for new pics
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    Me rookey differen't now.
    E46 ///M3
    YD4 MDX
    EG Ferio - SOLD
    FA Ferio - Returned

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    Minneapolis MN, Golden CO
    fine, i'll make this on topic, heres my ride:
    Attached Images Attached Images
    Last edited by Nelson; 06-03-05 at 01:46 AM.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Qbacca
    He deserved it though, bastard was coming at me with a modular shelf.
    ACT streetlite flywheel
    some form of clutch, new or very gently used.
    drivers side power door and mirror in Denver, CO

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    New Jersey
    Exterior mods:
    * Painted skirts
    * "JDM CTR" manual fold mirrors
    * "JDM CTR" fog lamps
    * "CTR" honey comb grill
    * Cleared out headlamps
    * Red/clear tails
    * Maxxim Harpoon 16" rims rolling on 205/45 Toyos

    Interior mods:
    * Stock

    * Kenwood eXcelon X459 HU

    * Stock D16Y8 w/ Injen SRI

    To be installed:
    * "JDM CTR" Front and rear lip
    * Polished valve cover

    Needed, but waiting for funds:
    * Tein Basics Coilovers
    * Various audio speakers/ sub/ amps

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    I wish she was still in this good of shape...I'll prolly sell it before I decide to fix her back up

    ...and the most recent since the hydroplain accident

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    1997 Honda Civic EX

    Intake & Exhaust.
    Recently wrecked, replaced headlights.. still haven't fixed the gap and such..

    I just got it about 3 days ago for $3500 w/ 179k miles (from a dealer, new water pump, new timing belt & a something else (Joint Axle? something like that..)

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    Quote Originally Posted by RB
    I'd rather you say nothing at all
    :: GForce Auto :::: Free iPod! :::: $$ Paid Emails $$! ::
    1997 Civic EX - White
    CAI, High-Flo Cat, 2.25" Exhaust
    eBay Short Shifter & Strut Bar
    Everything else = Stock

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    here are some pics of my STOCK SI! until I take some more...

    1st pic condition after theft of wheels and steering column

    2nd pic of temporary mods w/ red tint

    3rd pic of current temporary state
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    Decatur, IN
    First pic is most recent, second pic is standard engine pic before I sold my z6 and turbo, and third pic is before I sold my rims
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    - 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee -
    - 1985 Honda Magna V45 Musclebike -

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    an O.G. Member here, havent been here in a long ass time but here are some pics of my past car , some pics were taken at the 2003 Nopi Nationals

    to view the full picture 1280x1024 size, please expand the window that pops up. enjoy
    Attached Images Attached Images
    2000 FBP Civic Si (sold)
    -5% Limo Tint
    -B18c5 (ITR) Engine Translpant
    -Complete Toda Valve Train
    -Toda Timing Belt
    -Apex-i AFC/ Vtec Controller
    -JDM CTR Headlights
    -VIS CF Hood, VIS CF Spoon Lip
    -Red AEM CAI w/ Bypass Valve
    -GReddy Evo Catback
    -Toda 4-2-1 Header
    -Powercore Race Cat
    -Tein Type Flex Coilovers w/ Tein EDFC
    -17in. Racing Hart C2 EVO's

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    brand new here, so minus well introduce myself with my car.
    04 SSM CIVIC VP (soon to be civic type-s)

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    Fridley, MN
    94 CX
    D16Z6 w/ DX Transmission
    Lightened stock flywheel
    Filter on a stick
    KYB AGXs w/ Arospeed Coilovers (Arospeed = )
    Stock 14" Integra wheels

    Quote Originally Posted by RicoD
    i try to be nice to people, just in case that one day they decide to go crazy, they kill everyone else and just run pass me and say hi

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    South Africa

    92 JDM divid dx with a D15B vtec swap

    My 92 Civic Fiero dx


    Did a SOHC VTEC swap
    150 SOHC 16v carb motor OUT and
    D15B VTEC in still auto, but that gets done next weekend
    Mr Turbo EFI standalone doing everything in the car
    Stock wiring harnass replaced
    BMC cone filter.......pictures still have to be taken, had a flat panel replacement, but that did squat.
    Valve cover and dress up kit is next along with new wiring loom, looks soooo ghetto
    full 52mm cat and headers.....old pics shown, will take some new ones.

    MB quart discus up front, a pillar mounted tweets mids in the stock locations.
    550x rf amp....going out.....P800.4 going in the back
    2 X rf P2.s busy being built in.
    Battery going to be relocated to the trunk.
    some neon and loads of vinyl and plexi in the trunk
    RF headunit, 9020, also coming out, newer unit going in.

    Running gear.
    40mm drop coming up, already paid for. H&R
    17 inch razors TSW with 205-40-17 C-max rubber
    Bigger brake upgrade kit, new calipers on order
    rear discs also going in and drums coming off....(sitting at home)

    Guess you wanna see some pictures hey?
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    1992 Honda dx with D15B SOHC VTEC swap
    1966 VW Crew Cab

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    Lincoln, NE
    1993 Honda Civic CX

    16x7 Rota Slipstreams Royal Steel Grey
    205/40/16 Dunlop SP FM901's
    OEM JDM EG6 Sidemarkers
    Vision Corners
    20% Tint
    Civic EX Coupe Lip

    Ground Control Coilover Sleeves
    1994 Acura Integra Rear Disc Swap

    1997 Acura Integra Grey Leather Seats
    1995 Acura Integra Gauge Cluster
    Autometer A-Pillar Gauge Pod
    Autometer Ultralite 20 psi Boost Gauge
    Autometer Ultralite A/F Gauge
    HKS Type 0 Turbo Timer
    Blitz SBC DS Electronic Boost Controller

    1995 B18B1
    ACT HDSS Clutch and Pressure Plate
    Energy Suspension Stabalizer Inserts
    Garrett T3 Super 60
    SSAutocrap Manifold
    TiAL 38mm Wastegate
    Precision Intercooler
    RX7 460cc Injectors
    Del Sol VTEC Dual Core Radiator
    STR Cam Seal
    Powdercoated 98 Integra Valve Cover
    Walbro 255 LPH Fuel Pump
    2.5" Downpipe
    2.5" Exhaust
    Magnaflow Muffler

    247 whp & 190 ft/lb
    13.6 seconds @106 mph; 2.4 second 60'

    I'm sure there's more, but I can't remember anymore.

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    Eastern MA
    16" C8's
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Mar 2004
    Whitby, Ontario


    1996 Honda Civic Sedan
    Model: LX
    Engine: 1.6-liter 4-cyl
    Horsepower (hp @ rpm): 106 @ 6200 (stock)
    Torque (lb.- ft. @ rpm): 103 @ 4600 (stock)
    Wheelbase: 103.2 in.
    Length/width/height: 175.1/67.1/54.7 in
    Curb weight: 2319 lbs

    Current Mods
    Sylvania: Silver Star Xenon Pro Light Bulbs
    Vibrant Performance: Polished Air Intake
    Vibrant Performance: Polished Performance Air Filter
    Vibrant Performance: Power 1 Exhaust
    Vibrant Performance: Carbon Fibre Shifter
    Vibrant Performance: Carbon Fibre Handbrake
    Vibrant Performance: Leather Shifter Boot
    Auto Meter: 3780 Sport-Comp 3 3/8" Tachometer
    MatriX: Carbon Fibre 2 1/16" Voltmeter
    MatriX: Carbon Fibre 2 1/16" Oil Psi
    Auto Meter: 20428 Dual Gauge Pod
    Clifford Matrix Security System
    Sony Deck: CDX-CA810X - 52X4 WATT
    Sony 6x9's: W5-V6932 - 220 WATT
    Sony 6 1/2's: X5-W1620 - 160 WATT
    Sony P5 12"'s: X5-L121P5 - 1200 WATT
    Sony Amps: XM-2150GSX - 760 WATT
    Custom Made Enclosure
    4" Street Glow: OptX Green Neon
    4 - 9" Street Glow: OptX Green Neon
    15" Street Glow: OptX Green Neon
    JamStraight Dual LED Dome Light
    Custom DIY Green Gauge Lighting
    Custom DIY Front Upper Mesh Grill
    Custom DIY Green Gauge lights
    APC Headlight Eyelids
    Attached Images Attached Images
    | My Car | BBProductions.ca | Keep it real, Create an original, Make it one of your own |

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    The 607: Ithaca, NY

    My Eh2 Hybrid

    93 DX Hatch
    -OBD1 DOHC ZC,around 50k on the motor
    -Thermal Research & Developement Stainless Cat back exhaust
    -DIY CAI/removed resonator
    -Real JDM Headlights w/Corners
    -JDM Tail lights
    -JDM SIR Whiteface Cluster
    -OEM Honda JDM EG Sidemarkers
    -OEM/Factory Ex/Si Lip
    -OEM Honda Optional Audio Console
    -Mint Del Sol Seats
    -2" drop w/Progress Springs and some S/T shocks
    -94-95 Integra GS-R Rims
    -Falken Azenis 205/50/15
    -Kicker Resolution Components up front
    -Rockford 2-ways in the back
    -JVC MP3/Cd Reciever
    -PPi/Precision Power Amp

    The first pic is the most recent,and with 17's that i borrowed.
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    Aug 2004
    Its not much, but its a good project car and im sure I will have much fun working on it.

    Current mods: aem cold air intake
    Attached Images Attached Images
    -'94 civic lx- .proud owner of a sedan.
    Soon: GSR or possibly ITR?!?!

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    Nor Cal
    Daily Driver
    1994 CX hatchback
    BOOST IS Better!

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    I hate 2003 Noobs. txhatch's Avatar
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    Aug 2002

    The only effort you should put into a d series is taking it out.


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    Jan 2003

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    Sep 2004
    nothing to fancy yet need to get better motor didnt know much about civic's when i got the car, but did what i could without wasting to much money

    -AEM cold air
    -APC upper front strut bar
    -skunk2 adjustable coilovers
    -tokico illumna adjustable struts
    -magnaflow bolt on exhaust
    -9.3MM plug wires
    -Alpine head unit (new style)
    - 2 12" subs, 1 10" in a q logic box
    any tips or good motors to get that aint to pricey.
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    Sep 2004
    New Hampshire

    -Tanabe full catback exhuast
    -K&N air intake
    -BOSCH spark plugs
    -VIP MSW spark plug wires
    -Kenwood ten disc CD changer
    -Homemade grounding kit along with some other ghetto mods
    This car was given to me by my dad and the thing was a real shit box,, its way better now but needs alot more work. future plans are to maybe do an engine overhual and fix all the dents and dings..and also maybe a paintjob...I plan to sell it in the near future...honda is just not for me..but it was fun working on this car..(its my first)



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