What's a good 1/4 mile time
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    What's a good 1/4 mile time

    Just got back from the strip this past weekend, and wanted to know what peoples luck was with the quarter. Ill offer this disclaimer, I don't find drag racing that entertaining, but I got to make 6 timed runs for 15 bucks, so I went ahead. It was hot, and the track was horrible, all times were down between .3-.4 seconds. I have CAI/ex/in and shocks/springs. Best time was 15.4, which basically puts me right around 15 flat with a little correction. i took on a 97 CW Type R and that was the most fun of the day, Neck and neck all the way down, he won by .05 seconds and my trap speed was faster by a almost two miles an hour, twenty more feet and I would have realed him in. Also held off and beat a new G35, which is cool because my brother just got one. I need to do some tuning next. Any thoughts on best case scenerio times.

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    Are you located in the hills or mountains? reason is that altitude will slow your car.

    For a stock R (or most of them) they are in the 14's between 14.3 and 15.0
    Some guys are good and get in the 13.s

    Keep praticing, you will get better. Don't forget to take some air out of the tires to get a better launch

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    I don't really pay any attention to quarters, but when car had simple bolt ons somebody took it out at a 13.8.
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    good 1/4 mile time

    A good quarter mile time is:

    Any 1/4 mile before or after a nice corner in the mountians.
    Any 1/4 mile before any corner.
    Any 1/4 mile away from a restroom on a long trip.


    My type r with: Comptech filter, Comptech 4-2-1, Comptech SS exhaust pulled between 13.9 and 14.1 @ 97-101 depending on weight. Meaning, with everything stock it was slower than with a Braille battery, Lightweight Seats, Braille rear window, Carbon hood and Volk wheels.

    Best time with my car was a 13.6 @ 107 with the JRSC, full interior and road race suspension and tires.



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