grinding noise coming from front left wheel?
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    grinding noise coming from front left wheel?

    ok err, i type out three too four long paragraphs and it fails to post..ugh..

    ok again..

    im driving home on thursday and all of the sudden i hear a loud grinding noise coming from the front left tire area. it came out of no where without any pre-noise warnings.. so i call the tow truck after pulling over 3-4 times to inspect, not wanting to mess somthing up...especially when the noise is very loud, the noise sounded like my caliper hitting my rim on the spokes as my wheels were turning but this is def not the was a loud grinding noise that sounded as if it was going in a circular motion....

    the noise happens intermitantly for no reason except for driving...turning, stomping the breaks,accelerating, going over speed bumps dont seem to be the reason for the noise im hearing, it just happens...wheel bearing!? but it doesnt happen all the time just about 1/2-3/4 time while im driving it...

    a little background on what i did since the noise i thought maybe my clutch was totally toast which it was so i replaced it with my exeddy ceramic clutch i had on stand by waiting to go old clutch was totally toasted, no gripper spots left on it , all flat, a metal peice was busted off from undeneath the flywheel had some wear on the teath of it which prob isnt good but it looks usable? so i thought maybe a new clutch would fix the problem but no that didnt help...

    so after i was breaking my new clutch in on the test drive i had gone about 4-6+ miles and i turn onto my road going home and the clutch looses all its nice new feel to it feels as if its engaging very late and is basically limpish untill it engages which is towards being pressed in all the way, my old clutch didnt even feel this bad, it feels smooth but wrong, could this just be due to this new clutch, the way it is...?

    i would appreciate it if ppl who have had problems with spots like break rotors, axles, or anything in that vicinity could comment on there problem also and the noises it made so i can troubleshoot this problem...

    ill also mention when i jacked my car up and tugged on the fron left wheel it felt as if the lug nuts where loose but they are def tight...just a tad but of moving is going on which doesnt happen on the right front im pretty sure this is coming from the front left wheel section...

    i also forgot to mention during the winter season a semi cut me off on the highway and i had to swerve into the fast lane and of course there was huge ice speed bumps in the raod and due to that i caught a lil air and busted the hell outta of the front left side where the noise is coming from...just thought id mention that...good thing they were pos american racing wheels which came on this baby

    id appreciate any advice and help han can offer, thanks!


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    I had that problem in a '92, it was very obvious what caused it in my car. One of the pads wore down far enough to actually crack and scrape the hell out of the rotor on the outside (visible) side. A set of pads and a couple new rotors later, it was good to go.

    Perhaps one of your inner pads cracked? You'd have to pull the wheel to check.

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    Had the same problem...solved it the same way..inner pads.

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    Also check to make sure any anti-squeal shims you may be running haven't moved from their position and are cutting into the rotor hat.
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    Maybe a CV joint going?
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