Hello, I just did a brake fluid change yesterday and want to share with everyone what I did. The auto is a 2000 accord V6 coupe. I actually used 2 scissor jacks to lift the front of the car and removed both tires (after loosening the nuts when they were on the ground). It was very easy to see the rubber cap on the bleed screw. Here's what I then did:

1) Opened the MC and used a turkey baster to remove the DIRTY fluid. Man it was dirtier than dirt.
2) I then topped off the MC with fresh Honda BF (DOT 3) and CLOSED it.
3) I then placed a 10 MM wrench on the bleed screw.
3) I then attached a clear tube to the nipple after removing the rubber cap.(The clear tube I used was a 1/4 inch inner diameter). The other end was immersed in a prego sauce jar filled with about an inch of clean brake fluid.
4) I had my wife pump the brake slowly like 3 or 4 times and then apply steady pressure.
5) I loosened the bleed screw and let some of the brake fluid come out. When it slowed down, I tightened the screw and THEN told my wife to release the brake pedal.
6) I then repeated steps 4 and 5 until the clean fluid came out.

I did the above to each of the 4 wheels.

REMEMBER to check that there is fluid in the MC. If you let it go too low air might get in and then you really have to redo everything.

Notes: I was surprised how slow the brake fluid came out. I didnt want my wife to ram the brake pedal to the floor b.c I heard that that might blow a seal in the MC. All together I only used about 2 bottles of honda BF (12 Oz each so 24 total). Also, I dont think this replaced all the fluids but I definitely got the dirty fluids out. Lastly, in the haynes manual, the order is
LF, RF, RR , RL. I inadvertently switched the last two but the brakes felt fine so I didn't redo it.
Hope this helps somebody!