DIY: 92-95 Civic skunk2 pro coilovers install
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    DIY: 92-95 Civic skunk2 pro coilovers install

    so... i feel the need to contribute a diy cause i havnt done one in a while...

    if any admin wants to move it to the DIY. no prob

    alrighty...... lets get this thing started

    things you will need


    10, 12, 14, 16, 18, and 19 mm deep sockets..... just nice to have
    powerdrill (just to make labor easy)
    2 jack stands
    wd-40 for those fiesty bolts
    2 zip ties (for brake lines)

    crack the bolts on the front wheels
    jack up the front jack point and put the two jack stands under both front jack points
    remove the front wheels

    remove the 2 bolts holding the brake line first.....
    then remove the bolt on the shock

    step on the rotor/calpier with all your weight to disloge it from the shock

    remove the 2 top bolts

    it takes quite a bit of shimy'ing and stepping on the rotors etc to finaly be able to get it out of there, but dont give up, youll come up with a system.

    this is , where i had my pickle........ i wasnt sure how to assemple the coilover, so i found a daigram that helped....assemble your coilover like so

    (thanks aerospeed)

    shove that thing back in there and when you get it placed correct, used a jack under the rotor to put it into the shock to make a good ... seal?

    if your shocks dont have a bracket for the brake lines, you can use a zip tie.
    bolt it all in


    same as before, jack it up.........

    put a jack under the shock and remove the bolt holding it into the control arm, also remove the bolt on the brake drum....

    remove the bolts on top
    pull the control arm down and pull that guy out

    now for puttin it back in, make sure you have the built in bold at the bottom of the shock facing front...... i did not and took me a good half hour to get nowhere because you canot used those bolts like that.

    i found it easier to jack up everything into place and slide the bolt in, then tighten


    now lower it and check your levels, and jack up the car and adjust the coilover to get the right hites

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    Nice write up.
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    are you leaving it that high? i remmeber something about your new apartment and your car not making it into the parking garage
    91 std. d16z6 srp's eagle and big 16g. tuned on turboedit

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    Good job, I'm sure that will be helpful to alot of people.
    the cake is a lie
    aux finally approved my DIY

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    Quote Originally Posted by extensioncordy
    are you leaving it that high? i remmeber something about your new apartment and your car not making it into the parking garage

    heh... yeah... thats my solution... because i could not bring myself to get air cylinders...

    plus the skunk 2 shocks are great..... its the same stiffness high or low... so it actualy feels a little better than my bilsteins

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