DIY - Inner Tie rod End.(Civic)
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    DIY - Inner Tie rod End.(Civic)

    If you have ever turned your steering wheel back and forth and your hear metal on metal "clanking" then its your tie rod ends that are bad. Even if its a clanking noise when driving it still could be the tie rod ends. Start by jacking up the car put it on stands. Jiggle the tie rods, If it seems loose inspect it further. The one i replaced was the right side inner tie rod end. There is a boot that covers the tie rod end so dust doesnt dry it out. The boot is held on by two rings, cut the bigger ring. The small ring looks like a key ring just remove that one. Get some spray paint and paint the threads where the outer end screws onto the inner end. Take the outer tierod end off by using 17mm wrench or socket. Unscrew the outer end from the inner You will have to hold the inner end with some sort of pliers. Once that is done start removing the inner end using some pliers. The reason for using pliers is that there is no room to work in and you cant get a wrench in the right spot to turn it. remove the jam nut from the old unit as you will be using this with the new unit. Take the new end and the old one and line them up. find a common point that you can measure from to get the inner and outer ends together in roughly where they used to be. Then install the new inner end by screw it into the end of the rack & pinion. Put your boot back on. Put on your jam nut then screw the outer end onto the inner end. This is where you measure. Once you have measured and installed the two tie rod ends together then tighten down the ball joint that is on the out tie rod end. For the boot just use zip ties. Reinstall the breather hose onto the boot. Thats it for installation there is just one more important step; Go get a professional Alignment.

    The picture shows you what ring to cut.

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    i cant get it off with the pliers

    the inner end of the tie rod just wont come off. did u use needle nose or what and why is it working for u and not me lol i just bought this 90 hatch and just to get the inner tie rod off i realized everything else was wrong so little by little i got everything else done but i cant get the tie rod off and its the only thing i really wanted to get off


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