I have a major problem here. I can not start the engine on my 1994 Acura Legend 4 door. The problem is the factory installed car alarm is going off and normally i would just turn my key in the driver side door to disarm it and all is good...but there is a problem with both(driver & passenger) side door keyholes...when i put my key in and attempt to turn it wont turn at all...moves about 10% and then it feels like my key is going to break off if i turn it any further...its like both keyholes are jammed. I can not start the car with the alarm going off. I have disabled the battery to stop the alarm and I looked for some kind of valet alarm switch near the hood release but i could not find it. Does anyone here know a way i can disable the alarm so i can drive the car home? Is there a way to do it with the fuses or a valet switch? I was told this info from a mechanic online: "If your desire is to simply disable the factory alarm, that can be done by simply taking a jumper wire and jumping the 2 terminals on the hood switch. By doing this, it will prevent the security system from setting." I dont know what this means exactly. I appreciate any and all help in this matter. My email is [email protected] Thank you!!!