My Honda Accord engine shakes badly
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    My Honda Accord engine shakes badly


    I have a honda accord 2002 SE 4 Cylinder. The engine was shaking a lot
    when starting the car a week ago. We changed the spark plugs, spark
    plugs wire, cap, rotor, IAC and nothing helped to stop the shaking.
    The engine light is on static at low gears and blinking at high gears.
    The car does not have any power to accelerate after this shaking
    symptom started. We got the codes: P0302, P1399 and P1519. The
    distributor should not be bad as there are no oil leaks in the cap.
    Could you please advise what could be possibly wrong with the car?

    I try to learn the diagnosis from your videos but they do not cover
    everything. I have gone to 2 mechanic shops and appears that they just
    guessing what is wrong based ont he codes. One guy even said that the
    distributor could be bad but from your video there should be some oil
    leak in the cap. There are no oil leak in the cap so I think this guys
    was wrong. I feel I cannot find a trustable mechanic person and I
    don't want to send my car to the dealership because I know they are
    going to charge me a lot. I am frustrated. What do you suggest me to
    do to find out what is wrong with my car?

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    Well I'm not familiar with accords, but hopefully this will help a little. . .




    hope this gives a little insight to help with your problem. . .

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    I performed a compression test and have the following results:
    Cylinder #1 = Dry 172/Wet 183, #2 = D189/W203, #3 = D182/W195, #4 D169/W!84. Based on these results, the engine still looks good, right? My next plan is to perform the vacuum leak. I have not done one before and I am afraid that things will be burned. What would one have done incorrectly that it will start the fire with the carb vacuum test? I just want to get an idea what to prevent. I know the best is to test when the car is cold. Anything else I should watch out? A smoke test is too expensive to do it myself as the smoke machine is over $1000 from Autozone. Any suggestions?

    Thank you for sharing your experience.



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