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    Code P0131

    Hi all,

    I have 2001 accord v6 sedan. Check engine light on. I did scanned, and have P0131 code ( O2 circuit Low voltage, Bank 1, Sensor 1).
    Could someone tell me where is bank 1, Sensor 1 O2 sensor is?
    What's part number of sensor that I can buy?
    Where should I buy that sensor from?
    I'm very appreciated for your help.


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    Looking at Honda parts suppliers, there appears to be two O2 sensors. One before the catalytic converter and one after it.

    -electrical connections from wiring harness to the O2 sensors.
    -corrosion on the O2 sensor bolt might be causing the low voltage warning. (assuming the O2 sensor is a single wire connection)
    -a bad ground could also cause the code. (but, I would guess both O2 sensors would show the same warning. not just one)

    You would have to google " honda 2001 accord v6 bank 1, Sensor 1 O2 sensor" to find out which one is throwing the error.

    Part sources:
    -honda dealer (pricey. but, OEM)
    -your local auto parts store (aftermarket that meet or exceed OEM spec)

    maybe, use some conductive anti seize on the new O2 sensor bolt (make sure to avoid getting anti seize on the sensor itself; only the bolt threads)
    You'll need an O2 sensor socket and probably some penetrating oil to remove the old O2 sensor.

    take care,

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    Thank you so much, ChrisS

    That very helpful. I live in California, it doesn't show any sight of corrosion. It's throw a code when i went up hill. my car has almost 200K miles. I think it's time to replace.
    i check on Amazon only around $20-40 each. Kragen auto part store wants $75, dealer want $200. I think i will go with Amazon.
    But I don't know which part number is the correct one, anyone know? please, help. Very appreciated.


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