Replacing an Entire Radiator core support..
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    Replacing an Entire Radiator core support..

    The original support has to be cut off from the body and the new one must be welded on correct? Mine is completely fuct up, and i want to order a whole new assembly. I heard you have to get them painted or primed or something so it dosent rust also.

    How much do body shops usually charge for install of these?
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    ahh someone i know with a similar problem. after my recent mishap, a new radiator support for me new, with primer and paint is a little over 300 bukks but approx 13 hours fo labor to weld my new one on and straighten up my upper frame. cost for me in the end, 1600 bukks. give or take.

    for u, if ur frame is kewl, should take no more then 4 hours to weld a new one on along with primer and paint.

    just thinkin bout it makes me depress.
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    its not hard to replace it yourself. i did it on a 97 civic and a 98 integra. drill out all the holes, drill holes in the new support, and just weld the new one on. make sure to put it on straight before welding, you should screw in the bumper support bolts to hold it in while you're welding, that'll also help you align it straight. primer won't keep the support from rusting, just get a can of spray paint that looks close to the color of your car and just paint it with that. nobody's gonna look that close at your support anywa.

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    That piece is welded in? great, now i know what i'm up against.

    $300 for one with primer and paint? That's a little high. I've got quotes running from $30 - $100 for new primed ones. of course, the $30 quote is through my buddy's shop, but i'm waiting to hear back from him about shipping. I also just got a quote for one for $95 painted, but the paint on it would be free if i also order a painted OEM hood and bumper cover. This is a nightmare. hmmmm, can't seem to figure out how to post pictures (i'm new to message boards). I'll show you mine if you show me yours!
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