Online Resources Thread - Updated 7/04/2006
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    Online Resources Thread - Updated 7/04/2006

    First and foremost, Civics and Integras have ONE HEAD|ER|. Header(s) refers to multiple whereas these vehicles only use one headER due to the design of the exhaust manifold. Please, keep this in mind.

    Research Information

    Manuals & Parts Catalogs

    Various Helms Manuals:

    Parts Catalogs & Manuals:


    5th gen Civic underhood fuse diagram:
    5th gen Civic interior fuse diagram:
    5th gen Civic fuse legend:

    Check your Check Engine Light (CEL):

    Check Engine Light (CEL), what do I do?:

    Check your Check Engine Light (CEL):

    Define your Check Engine Light (CEL):

    Resetting DelSol's ECU:

    Engine & Tuning & Cooling

    Skunk2 B18C1 intake manifold DIY (it's not just a bolt-on mod, the TB bracket will hit your hood if you don't follow these instructions):

    Skunk2 B18C1 intake manifold & Hondata intake gasket DIY:

    96-2k Greddy oil catch can install (NA/FI):

    96-2k Integra radiator swap (doesnt retain AC):

    Bseries STR Cam Seal Install:

    Bseries Skunk2 Cam Gear Install:

    DelSol home made air duct:

    Clutch/Flywheel replacement:

    ---:Forced Induction (FI) Related:---

    Turbocharging basics - LOTS of information:

    DIY Boost Controllers:

    Another DIY Boost Controller:

    96-2k Greddy oil catch can install (NA/FI):

    Basic Maintenance

    Axle Replacement:

    Clutch/Flywheel replacement:

    Fuel pump replacement:

    How to Change DelSol Spark Plugs:

    Civic/Teg - Changing front & rear disc brake pads and rotors:


    15 minute axle replacement:

    Clutch/Flywheel upgrade DIY:

    Bseries tranny specs:


    92-95 Civic B18C1 swap:

    96-2k B18C swap:

    Kseries into 92-95 Civic, 94-97 Sol, 94-01 Teg:

    Kseries into EK:

    Brakes & Suspension

    Omni Power Camber Kit:

    Rear Camber Adjustment (Cheaper than a Kit):

    96-2k rear integra disc brake swap:

    96-2k Power steering and swaybar conversion:

    ITR master cylinder swap:


    DIY for fitting H4 HID's in an H4h housing: (if you can get a D2R/S bulb)

    Difference between H4 and H4h:
    (H4h is the smaller/shorter bulb)

    '96-'98 Civic all OEM power window converstion:

    92-95 power window/mirror/lock conversion:

    99-00 Si Lip Install on EG:

    92-95 to 96-2k mirror conversion:

    99-2k Grille removal (realy simple):

    Painting your headlight housing:


    Integra GSR Cluster in EG:

    GSR cluster into civic wiring diagram:

    6th Gen gauge cluster swap - entire cluster swapped:

    96-2000 detachable steering wheel install with SRS disable:

    96-98 Civic Dash swap to 99-00:


    Fuel Pump Cutoff Switch:

    96-00 Hood Lock Installation:

    Misc & Large Listings

    Numerous Del Sol How-Tos:

    Many excellent engine/suspension/fuel/etc. DIYs:

    DelSol Technical Specifications:

    Many, many important resources:

    96-2k complete front subframe swap/repair:

    Bunch of great DIYs:

    HAZONE various DIYs:

    HONDA's own DIY install instructions:

    Spectacular set of articles here (includes N/A B20 build-up, engine building tips, and more):

    KILLER ECU Info:

    More Tech Info than you can shake a stick at:

    D and B series engine specifications: & (Bseries only)

    Wheel offset info:
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    Cleaned up, a few things added, a few things removed (all hybridgarage stuff).

    You may post in this thread if you have a link you think should be aded.

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    just found this one -- it has owners manuals...

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    the parts catalog and manuals link no longer works, it seems to have been moved

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    NGK Spark Plugs explained - as posted by HatchVX:
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    so we add that, but not the useful threads for noobs......I agree that thread should be stickied, but...there are alot of others that should be too
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    DelSol home made air duct: is no longer good

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    nice information..thanks a lot for sharing the information....

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    whats up guys. i just bought a crashed 1996 honda civic it has d16y8 motor. air bags deployed and needs the front end. it was hit preety hard but to the top ya know the bottom half didt get hit.anyway it wont start but will crank. can u guys help me out?


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