Rare 94" Integra w/ B16B Turbo Build
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    Rare 94" Integra w/ B16B Turbo Build

    Hello everyone,

    I am writing just to share my journey to transforming my B16B from NA to FI.

    I already had an Hondata S300 V2, Edelbrock Victor X Intake Manifold and 2.5 Evo2 Exhaust, which was tuned to around 190 whp by John Schill at Absolute Pro-Formance.

    By the end of 2016 I decided that I was going to finally complete my early 20's dream of turbocharging a Honda after being obsessed with watching & reading an insane amount of content based on "Boosted Honda's". Mind you this obsession started from back when the 1st Fast and the Furious movie was released.

    To me there was something about those "Now" basic Turbo charged EG Civic's LOL. Even to this day I will watch that intro scene of the heist from time to time.


    Anyways moving forward.

    I've been researching ebay turbo kits and how often they blow seals etc... etc... etc..., Mind you, My research started back from around 2004-2005 & up... Eventually I ran into CX-Racing .

    I seen that the product themselves were up and coming and almost everyone were running them as a "budget build" if you weren't piecing your own kit together, So I jumped on the bandwagon and decided to do the same.

    We roll into the new-year, 2017.

    I started off piecing together turbo parts, starting with the fuel side where I decided to buy an 255 LPH fuel pump from Quantum Fuel Systems for about $69.98 Shipped - Item: HFP 255LPH Intake Fuel Pump Acura Integra 1994-2001 (HFP-342).

    550cc Injectors from Osidetiger for around $176.90 Shipped in which I ended up switching to Deautschwerks 550cc Injectors just based off of name brand and track record in general. Mind you there wasn't anything wrong with the injectors from Osidetiger and the prices are great, I just was not sure how long the injectors would hold up.

    As for spark plugs, I basically had the Pulstar Plugs, I never had any issue with them but I ended up switching to NGK plugs due to my tuners request

    By January 16, 2017, I decided to buy the CXRacing Kit myself. the kit cost around $800 bucks.

    The Kit consisted of the cheap but widely used 60 Trim turbo, Cast-Turbo Manifold, wastegate, fittings & gaskets, Intercooler & piping.

    The kit sat for a few months until around June where I kept gathering parts like an 3 Row Half Radiator, higher rpm & cfw 12" slim fan, AEM Fuel Rail & Pressure regulator, AEM boost Controller.

    Moving forward to July 2017, I felt as though I had enough money and parts for the turbo conversion minus the downpipe, So I drove the car down to Absolute Pro-Formance and John installed turbo kit.

    Throughout the install John ran into fitment issues such as downpipe problems because I kept my AC & Power steering & the car was having issues building power

    For a few months the car stayed in Johns shop in which he recommended me to buy quality parts such as a turbo, and wastegate.

    So what I did was went to ebay and found a deal on a Precision SC-50 and the wastegate was purchased from John which ended up being from Tial.

    After the turbo and wastegate swap we managed to get the car to 224 whp.

    After this I refused to spend anymore money and I was determined to grab my car out of the shop and paid John a huge amount of money costing to around 3k by this time.

    By September I paid John off and was reunited with my car. The car drove great to me & and my friends it felt pretty quick. Mind you my car is an 94 RS integra with the curb weight of around 2529 with the 1.8L b18b1 & a full interior.

    With my car I'm sure its significantly lighter with the hasport Engine mounts, the lighter 1.6L b16b, gutted interior, 4 Pot Wilwood brake system, Rear brake disc swap & Skunk2 Pro Coil-overs not to mention the rear subframe bracing, thicker rear sway bar and lighter 16" konig Roller wheels.

    As of October I felt like the car was needed more power so I made another appointment with John for adjustments, re-tune and a new AEM 4 BAR map sensor. The car made a respectful 250 WHP @ around 11 psi with 60% duty cycle left to play with.

    So far no issues as the weather changes and VTEC roars at around 6k RPM. My car easily revs to 9.5k RPMs.

    By spring next year I am sure I will be changing the pistons to the Nippon Racing Teflon Coated pistons as I have seen those things reach around 18 psi for an extended amount of time without any problems, not to mention the price is a steal ranging around $150 - $200 Shipped. I cant wait

    I have videos of my car on my youtube page - http://www.youtube.com/reinyray15 Please check them out as I will be adding much more content.

    Thanks for reading.

    Any questions or concerns please reply. I honestly think that my car could make much more than 250 whp but nothing wrong with being conservative.

    Pictures of my Integra Posted Below:







    IMG_20171028_093228.jpg IMG_20171028_093128.jpg


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