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    Pulled these off the internet. Figured some of you would be able to use them.


    PG6 : 88-89 Integra (all makes)
    PM5 : 88-91 Civic/CRX DX
    PM6 : 88-91 Civic/CRX SOHC Si
    PM7 : 89-91 DOHC ZC (JDM 'EF' ECU)
    PM8 : 88-91 CRX HF
    PR2 : 89-91 ZC (Euro)
    PR3 : 89-91 JDM B16A EF8/9
    PR3 -J00 or J51 : 92 JDM Integra B16A EF8/9
    PW0 : 89-91 JDM B16A EF8/9 DA6-XSi
    PR4 : 90-91 Integra LS/GS
    PS9 : 88-91 4 door Civic EX Auto
    P05 : 92-95 OBD-1 Civic CX
    P06 : 92-95 OBD-1 Civic DX
    P07 : 92-95 OBD-1 Civic VX
    P08 : 92-95 OBD-1 Civic D15 JDM
    P0A : 94-95 OBD-1 Accord EX
    P13 : 93-95 OBD-1 Prelude Vtec
    P14 : 93-95 OBD-1 Prelude Si (non Vtec)
    P27 : 92-95 OBD-1 EG JDM Civic 1600 sohc
    P28 : 92-95 OBD-1 Civic Si/Ex
    P30 : 92-95 OBD-1 DelSol DOHC Vtec Si/EG SiR
    P54-G31 : 1997 Honda Accord 1.8 LS
    P61 : 92-93 OBD-1 Integra GSR
    P72 : 94-95 OBD-1 Integra GSR
    P72 : 96-99 OBD-2a Integra GSR
    P72 : 00-01 OBD-2b Integra GSR
    P73 : 96-00 OBD-2 Integra Type-R (JDM & USDM)
    P74/75: 92-95 OBD-1 Integra LS/GS
    P75 : 96-99 OBD-2a Integra LS/GS
    P75 : 00-01 OBD2b Integra LS/GS
    P2N : 96+ OBD-2 Civic HX Coupe
    P2P : 96+ OBD-2 Civic EX Coupe
    P2E : 96+ OBD-2 Civic DX Coupe
    P2M : 96+ OBD-2 NZ Civic SOHC VTEC
    P2T : 99+ OBD-? Civic Si Coupe
    P5P : 97-00 OBD-2 Prelude Type-S (JDM ECU)
    PBA : 97+ US Acura 1.6EL
    PCT : 98+ JDM ITR / CTR
    PCX : 99+ OBD-? S2000


    ECU codes:

    0 ECU
    1 Oxygen Content
    3 Map Sensor
    4 Crank Angle Sensor
    5 Map Sensor
    6 Coolent Temperature
    7 Throttle Angle
    8 TDC Position
    9 No 1 Cylinder Position
    10 Intake Air Temperature
    63 Intake Air Temperature
    12 Exhaust Gas Recirculation System
    13 Atmosphere Pressure
    14 Electronic Air Control
    15 Ignition Output Signal
    16 Fuel Injector
    17 Vehicle Speed Sensor
    20 Electronic Load Detector
    21 VTEC Solenoid Valve (1.8L GSR)
    22 VTEC Oil Pressure Switch (1.8L GSR)
    23 Knock Sensor
    30 TCM Signal A
    31 TCM Signal B
    41 O-2 Sensor Heater
    43 Fuel Supply System
    45 System Too Rich or Too Lean
    48 Primary Heated O-2 Sensor
    54 Crankshaft Speed Fluctuation Sensor
    61 Primary O-2 Sensor Circuit
    63 Secondary O-2 Sensor Circuit
    67 Catalyst System
    70 Automatic Transaxle
    71-74 Random Misfire
    80 Exhaust Gas Recirculation
    86 Engine Coolant Temperature Circuit
    90 Evaporative Emission Control System Leak Detected
    91 Fuel Tank Pressure Circuit
    92 Evaporative Emission Control System Insufficient


    Code Color
    B-74P Adriatic Blue Pearl
    B-90P Supersonic Blue Pearl
    G-82P Cypress Green Pearl
    NH-0 Championship White
    NH-583M Vouge Silver Metallic
    NH-538M New Vouge Silver Metallic
    NH-592P Flamenco Black Pearl
    Y-56 Phoenix Yellow
    NH-592P (CAN) Starlight Black Pearl
    NH-597M Citrus Silver Metallic
    R-505p Cyan Red Pearl
    R-81 Milano Red
    B-97M Voltage Blue Metallic Clearcoat
    G-95P Clover Green Pearl Clearcoat
    BG-33P Paradise Blue-green Pearl
    G-71P Isle Green Pearl
    NH-503P Granada Black Pearl Pearl
    YR-506M Desert Mist Metallic
    RP-24P Stealth Grey Pearl
    NH-538 Frost White
    R-72P Torino Red Pearl
    R-93P Matador Red Pearl
    NH-575M Thunder Gray Metallic

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    Very useful info. Thanks, it's much appreciated over here!
    1991 CRX Si: stock.

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    Great find....Thank you very much!
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    Quote Originally Posted by stabilas
    Pulled these off the internet. Figured some of you would be able to use them.


    PG6 : 88-89 Integra (all makes)

    PR4 : 90-91 Integra LS/GS

    P74/75: 92-95 OBD-1 Integra LS/GS
    Offhand, I already picked out a few wrong entries.

    The PG7 was used in 86-89 Integras, with a pre-OBD and OBD-0 version. I'd know, I have one kicking around my room.

    The PR4 was used in all 90-93 Integras, with an OBD-0 and OBD-1 version.

    The P74/75 wasn't used until '94.


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