So i had the ingalls camber kit for the front installed by a shop a while back who never gave me back the original bolts. Now I need my upper control arms replaced and decided to go with the OMNI kit since it comes with the bushings and is half the price of OEM arms. My mistake was that with the Ingalls kit replacing the bolts and the OMNI arm being slightly longer, it does not clear the fender well edge unless I use the factory bolts.

Acura does not sell the bolts without the arm. Kinda stupid since they sell peices to parts that are not "supposed" to be taken apart but replaced as a whole.

So....does anyone out there have the stock upper control arm bolts lying around that I could pay you for. I need these ASAP so I would be willing to pay for overnight. PM me if you want or respond here.

1996 integra GSR
I can use paypal or send a money order.
thanks alot,