97 CL 3.0 automatic idle surging. OBD code 3.
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    97 CL 3.0 automatic idle surging. OBD code 3.

    I just bought this car and did a bunch of work under the hood like timing belt, pulleys, tensioner, seals, water pump, oil change and of course coolant flush. Then I got some erratic idling and some cel codes like 3,4,14 maybe. I cleared them and it drove great. Now the idle still fluctuates about 1000 rpm's off of idle. In H and F 22's there is a bleeder valve that you open after the cooling fans have cycled three times at idle. There is no valve that I can see to burp this one.

    I think it is the IACV that is acting up because it only does this idle when warm. Now If I run some seafoam through the intake off of the booster hose, I could possibly clear it up but I think it is a blockage in the cooling lines preventing it from functioning properly. What do you guys think? Is there a way to burp the cooling lines to the IACV on a CL 3.0?

    I do not own a manual yet as I just bought the car yesterday. Tomorrow should shed some more light upon this problem and ceratinly will hold a solution. Any helpful input or links would be greatly appreciated. This is my first J motor. I am quite well familiar with the F and H motors as well as B and D.



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    Hunting Idle

    This reply maybe way too late to help you, as you posted in March of 2012 and this is April of 2015, but maybe it will help someone else. I own a 98 CL 3.0. I experienced the same problem after removing my intake manifold to clean the EGR passage. After reinstalling the manifold, I began to experience this same surge (also called a "hunting idle"). I discovered it was indeed the IACV located beneath the throttle body (on the 3.0). I tried cleaning it with brake cleaner to no avail. I ended up purchasing a new one (ebay_ not too expensive) installed it and I have not had the problem since. Word of caution: If you intend to do this install yourself, be very careful removing the two screws that attach it to the throttle body as the heads of these screws have very soft heads and are easily damaged. Hope this helps somebody. BLACKACPILOT_Out!
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