1997 Acura CL ABS Light
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    1997 Acura CL ABS Light

    I have a 1997 Acura CL 2.2L and for the past 2 weeks the ABS light has been on. I brought it into my local dealer, and they recommended replacing the ABS control unit which runs $1500 plus installation.

    Here is what the Acura dealer said:
    Tried to pull codes for ABS and instead of light blinking, it stayed solid. So I started by checking all the fuses and all were good. Then I checked for voltage at the control unit for all wires going in. All had voltage. The book then led me to check for conginuity between the 26 point connector at the control unit, and the 7.5 fuse for the mirror. All was good so the book recommended replacing the control unit.

    I am concerned that one they couldn't read any error codes, and two all checked out good, and they recommend replacing the most expensive piece. Does anyone have any suggestions?? If I need to replace the control unit does anyone have any ideas where to get one repaired, or get a cheaper one?


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    I would definately take it a couple other places before doing anything to it. Being a girl, otherwise known as a complete moron to "car guys", I know they can be assholes. In my opinion, I don't care where you go but if they're good enough with cars, they won't need a book. They should be able to check your car for a ton of things that might be making the light come on rather than following what the "book leads to". I could be completely wrong though, they might know exactly what they're doing, I just know that 2nd, 3rd, and 4th opinions are always nice.


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