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Tedmond 12-07-2007 05:39 PM

Vehicle Wiring Diagrams Database.
hey mods, i was wondering if you can actaully create a special thread for me. If people want diagrams, what i will do is save them as a PDF and you can make a download section, and those that need diagrams can refer to this thread, look for their car year and model and just click to download. There is another topic aboud diagrams but its impossible to understand. If those that need diagrams can PM and i will update them fairly quickly. Well to let yall know i have diagrams to ALL car makes, year, and models. that includes trucks, suvs, and some bikes. I can guide you in alarm installs and audio system installs. :)

here are some quick links of requests so far. They will be in order Model then Year.

**If your car is LX and it shows EX, it will still have the same colours, just no factory alarm**
** Also Navi are the same same cars without the Navigation, so dont hesitate.**


1994 Honda Accord EX
1996 Honda Accord EX
1998 Honda Accord EX
2000 Honda Accord EX
2003 Honda Accord EX Navi
2005 Honda Accord EX 6-Disk
2007 Honda Accord EX Navi
2008 Honda Accord Sedan


1992 Honda Civic DX
2000 Honda Civic EX
2001 Honda Civic DX
2007 Honda Civic SI Navi


1996 Acura Integra


2005 Honda Pilot EX

- RSX -

2003 Acura RSX Premium No BOSE

Nights6789 12-09-2007 07:50 PM

umm what about a 2003 honda accord ex with navi? :)

Tedmond 12-09-2007 08:41 PM

no problem. alarm or audio? oh well its all included in the PDF, i have access to audiovox and scytek digrams. if u want both, just ask. im going to upload both.
just open zip, i have both in there. u can corss referance ur wires.

h23sirlude 12-10-2007 09:37 PM

hey tedmond i needs wires for 1996 accord auto 4dr alarm+ detail of the door trigger wire location.

Tedmond 12-11-2007 11:23 AM

hey, here you go. from now on, i will post both audiovox and scytek diagrams as one so those that are unsure can cross referance their wires and make sure which is correct.

just a note to you h23sirlude, the door trigger wire is:
BLACK/WHITE (-) located @ DRIVERS KICK PANEL. usually it will be easily seen, if not, it will be in a gray plug, high up in the dash area. Always test with a DMM (digital volt meter) do not use test lights !!

h23sirlude 12-16-2007 09:48 PM

Thanks Tedmond the scytek diagrams show unlock/lock and trunk pin and door trigger use the same wires. i still have problem with the door trigger. i hooked up the alarm door trigger to black/white at the driver kick panel, and only the driver door opened the siren will turn on. the alarm is precision_P10 (green wire)

guitarr2 12-18-2007 04:39 PM

2005 Accord Sedan EX 6-disc
Hello, if you have the diagrams (stereo and alarms, locks) that would be fantastic. have the 6-disc stereo on the 2005 Accord Sedan EX. Putting in a 4-channel Alpine amo and Kenwood powered sub for some extra base, and a remote starter. thanks!!! :goodjob:

Tedmond 12-19-2007 12:25 PM

FOR h23sirlude

"unlock/lock and trunk pin and door trigger use the same wires."

unlock/lock, trunk and door trigger all have their own wire. They are all located in the same area, however, the colour of wires are differant. What i suggest you to do is use a volt meter. test your wires. they may look the same, but wont work if wired incorrectly. if you cant get the alarm to trigger off the door pin, you can always run a wire straight up ur side pillar to the domelight itself. Domelight supervision will watch all doors for sure. just a thought.

in the same area, i know there are 2 orange and 2 black/white. arm your system; if ur doors do not lock, but when u press unlock inside the car (roll down window) see if it triggers ur alarm. if it does, u have it wired wrong. grab the OTHER black/white wire.

Tedmond 12-19-2007 12:39 PM

FOR guitarr2

**2005 Accord Sedan EX 6-disc**

follow the link man, just give it 30 seconds or so and look for download file. its a zip file that contains 2 PDF documents. Scytek is more precise for alarm/start but audiovox is best for audio. like i said i will post both so people can cross referance their wires, but remember always test with a VOLT METER !!!

guitarr2 12-19-2007 07:19 PM

Thanks Tedmond!
Tedmond, I really appreciate the info. Thanks. :bowdown:

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