Hello all.
I just wanted to drop a link to a "movement" if you will, to get Honda's attn that there are some of us out here dealing with the common front right sub-frame rust issue on many of our cars from the AC drip hose tube dripping on the sub-frame. As we know, maybe some do not, that is causing rust from years of water there, making some cars frankly dangerous to drive.
Honda knows of this and in the past just blames it on the "elements" of rain snow salt. Many to none of these cars have no rust in the same place on the drivers side. In the case of this model run, these "elements Honda likes to call it" are not discriminatory to just one spot, that is not possible.
I have started a movement via FB https://www.facebook.com/hondarustedsubframe/ in hopes of getting some light back on this issue. I am a one man show, I hope some of you will come to the page and put your name in the hat also as having one of these cars with this issue or jsut simply LIKING the page. This rust is caused by a design flaw that now this many years down the road is rearing it's ugly dangerous head. Just google Honda Sub Frame Rust, it pulls all sorts of info on this.
It is my goal every night is to use FB and twitter to reach out to folks asking for them to help us get Honda to fix these cars that are clearly in good shape other then this rust issue at that front right subframe, fix them free of cost or buy them out from the owners. Sure many of these cars have other body rust issues but this part of the sub-frame rust is a design flaw, proven by the fact that the other side where there is NO drip tube is rust free.
Again just visit the FB link.


Admin staff, I hope you will leave this post to stay, even maybe sticky it and close if you want. I just like your site to help us get the word out. Takes ONE person in the right place that I just happened to tweet or get on FB to get this dormant story rolling again. This is a design flaw set in motion years ago that needed time to be dangerous should NOT excuse Honda from stepping up the plate.