I have seen a few posts about alarms that won't stop going off, but nothing seems to be exactly what I'm experiencing.

I have a 2002 Accord. I never had any type of issue with the car until I changed a taillight in my car. Might be just coincidence, I don't know. I replaced the rear taillight and when I closed the truck and tried to arm the alarm nothing happened. I didn't have time to look into it as I was leaving vacation to return home. Once I was home, it once again would not arm when I pressed the lock button twice on my fob. The next day at work it did arm, but then later a co-worker told me my alarm kept going off. After that day a week went by with no alarm arming, and it wasn't going off. Then last Friday it kept going off at work, for 2 min then would stop then start again. I took the horn relay out so that at least it would be silent. The next morning my battery was dead. I did read in other posts that possibly this was a causing issue, I bought a new battery installed it, and the alarm still kept going off. It's now been a week and the alarm keeps setting itself off, I have the horn disconnected so it's silent but I'd really like to solve this issue. I did try resetting it with the key in the door unlock, lock, unlock like I've seen suggested. I called a local import shop and they said the problem could be anything and it could take them hours and still not find the problem. I then called the Honda dealer and they told me the same thing. I asked if there was a way to just disarm the alarm completely and they said no. Is this true? I park in a locked garage so I really don't care if I don't have an alarm right now or not.