Ok..My ac started acting up on me and now will not blow at all.. Last time I was able to put in one 12 oz can of refrigerant and it last a couple days then ac quit blowing... I noticed when I looked to see what the problem was the compressor clutch was not turning nor was the condensor fan turning on so I finally discovered 20 amp condensor fan fuse blown.. I replaced it and started ac in car and it blew instantly.. So I removed relay for clutch and relay for condensor fan and replaced fuse and turned on car and ac.. THen I installed clutch relay and compressor and clutch ran but was not blowing cold air inside car nor were the lines getting hot or cold like if it was pushing refrigerant... Then I installed condensor fan relay and it blew the 20 amp fuse again instantly. So I thought condensor fan was not going to work so I grounded the condensor fan straight from battery with a fuse on the positive wire to the fan and the fan ran perfectly and the fuse did not pop either... SOoooooo What could this be? Im confused to be honest with you guys.. Any ideas?