This my first post in this section.. I use to have a black 91 Civic Si w a 1 gen b16a-y1 tranny no lsd i sold due to neighbor hitting hatch and causing electrical issues(I miss it).
I'm looking into maybe getting a eg hatch by next spring/summer.... I like to get a at Si depending on how much money I have next year or a Dx at the least...
I know Si had 125hp D16z6 I believe... Does all years have rear disk, rear sway bars..... Which color Si best choice red,white,black... Not sure if Si came in green?
Another thing I was curious was did the Si have tweeters on doors like the EX coupe? If not will Ex coupe door panels bolt right up & Dc Teg front seats?
As for plans whenever I get it..."Maintenance" plugs,wires,cap,rotor,timing belt and any other thing that's needed Oil change.....Power goals not much...If I get a Si just might get Dc header, short ram intake & apex ws2 cat back(quiet/have on my Gsr.... I know Dc sports don't make big power..... If I did a swap it'll just be a B16 unless I have $ for a B18C- Sir-G 180hp... not the "R"....... Also a 1.5 drop..... Which wheels Si, Gsr/Ls mesh or blades w 205-50-15 It'll prob be other mods but not major if I get around to it..

So any other advice which is best year Si doing swap or leave stock motor in, what to look out for & most important highest price & lowest for a 92-95....Of course I'm gonna try look for a relatively stock Si if I can ?

Thank you,
Any input I would greatly appreciate that.....