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Sorry to necro, but do you still have the gun?

Originally Posted by Paintballny View Post
Hey everyone I am looking to trade my Adrenalin Angel LCD pb gun. Looking for laptops, tablet pcs, Accord v6 (6th gen) stuff, In car video, sound deadening, rims for my Accord, hids, pilot/aviation gear (gps, nice headsets, etc...), nice DJ equip (no gemini junk), Home audio/video, nice digicams (slr?), 35mm gear, high end video cams, anything with an engine in it, or cash. I am looking to get $900 obo for it. I am up for doing 3rd party trades but costs must be split.

Comes with:
-full matched freak kit with 2 teardrop and 1 AA tip
-matched stock infinity
-Matched Boomer
-CP 16in black barrel
-single trigger frame with adrenalin single trigger
-cobra stick trigger in the double trigger frame
-2 matched Adrenalin volumizers
-shocktech drop (matched)with a green cp on/off asa (jb welded on cause of stripped screw hole for set screw used to hold cp on/off to the drop..consider it one piece..its there forever)
-green macroline
-clear Halo B
-68 3k steel stubby crossfire preset(just rehydro'd with a nice small stamp and not a huge sticker)
-stuff I am forgeting..

I know I am forgetting a ton of stuff.. I am looking to get around $900 US obo for everything(obviously trades are highly considered and most reasonable offers are also considered. Oh well... if you are interested I can get you more info and pics.


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Eclipse and Phoenix Gold stuff ;-)
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Tint 35% in front 20% in back
Silverstar highs and lows

To Be Installed - Deadening, suspension, new rims/tires
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