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  1. Honda's 3D-printed customizable EV has motorcycle bones
  2. Weird Honda patent shows robot arm to charge an EV while driving
  3. Recharge Wrap-up: Eberhard helps Chinese EV maker in US, 'Hail a Honda' at Austi
  4. Honda trademarks ZSX, could be for baby NSX
  5. Honda's Uni-Cub hacked to be a boombox and a personal guide
  6. 2017 Honda Accord Hybrid First Drive
  7. Honda's new hybrid will cut use of rare-earth metals
  8. Acura NSX hybrid wins Time Attack 2 division at Pikes Peak
  9. Acura NSX EV puts winner Tetsuya Yamano back on Pikes Peak
  10. ?Honda has finally killed the unloved CR-Z hybrid hatch
  11. 2017 Honda Accord Hybrid comes with $300 price hike
  12. ?The Honda CR-Z is on the way out, at least in Japan
  13. Acura bringing full-EV NSX and two hybrids to Pikes Peak
  14. Honda Goldwing airbag recall spreads Takata mess to motorcycles
  15. Inside Honda's ghost town for testing autonomous cars
  16. 2017 Acura NSX No. 1 just rolled off the line in Ohio
  17. Honda patents engine with different cylinder displacements
  18. 2017 Honda Ridgeline boosts fuel economy by 5 mpg
  19. 2017 Honda Accord Hybrid launches with best-in-class fuel economy
  20. Honda Clarity Series brings EV, PHEV to hydrogen fuel cell model
  21. Honda's Acura NSX masterstroke: building the factory in Ohio
  22. Go inside the Acura NSX's stunning Ohio factory
  23. 2017 Acura MDX has a sharper face and Sport Hybrid option
  24. Acura NSX GT3 swings through New York en route to the track
  25. 2017 Acura NSX production launches in April
  26. Honda sending two NSX racers and new EV concept to Pikes Peak
  27. Honda Clarity goes on sale in Japan, but only 200 units a year
  28. Honda insiders push for Acura NSX Type R sans hybrid tech
  29. Jay Leno finally gets his hands on the 2017 Acura NSX
  30. Honda: 2/3rds of our vehicles will be plug-in or hydrogen by 2030
  31. Next-gen Honda Accord PHEV may have 39-mile EV range
  32. On sale in Japan, Honda won't bring $31k Odyssey Hybrid to US
  33. Recharge Wrap-up: GM, LG Chevy Bolt collaboration, Honda Energy Star plants
  34. Acura NSX #001 sells for $1.2 million
  35. Acura NSX and David Lee Roth wail together in Super Bowl spot
  36. Honda Clarity proves hydrogen future always costs $500/month
  37. Hydrogen deal between GM, Honda getting factory real
  38. Honda, GM supposedly working together on PHEVs, autonomous cars
  39. Honda: We won't be able to sell ICE cars in China by 2025
  40. The 2017 Acura NSX will cost $156,000
  41. Honda 'confused and baffled' by Japan's hydrogen delay
  42. Honda City Adventure off-road scooter concept shown at EICMA
  43. Honda ready for 'late 2016' arrival of Clarity Fuel Cell in US
  44. Honda adds tech to 2016 CR-Z, no powertrain upgrades
  45. Recharge Wrap-up: Honda opens second CNG station, Fuels America's RFS ad for Oba
  46. Honda goes big for bikes: Concept CB, Super Cub [w/video]
  47. Honda Odyssey Hybrid greens up your minivan
  48. Honda Clarity is your new fuel cell future vehicle [w/video]
  49. Honda lets us 'drive' the FCEV; PHEV with 40-mile EV range
  50. 2017 Acura NSX First Drive [w/video]
  51. Honda FCEV could be hiding EV, PHEV surprises in Tokyo
  52. Honda, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Mercedes also under diesel emissions scrutiny
  53. Daily Driver: 2016 Acura RLX Sport Hybird
  54. Honda recalls 6,800 Accord hybrids for switching to fail-safe mode
  55. Old Car or New Car? 1993 Chevy Camaro vs 2015 Honda CR-Z
  56. New fuel-cell sedan leads Honda's Tokyo lineup
  57. Honda finds new Green Path to reduce CO2 emissions
  58. Honda CR-Z refresh coming this fall
  59. Acura NSX production delayed
  60. Acura NSX to race in GT3 or GTE
  61. Rumors abound over Honda's mid-engined 'Small NSX'
  62. Acura spotlights NSX pace car at Pikes Peak
  63. Honda sets record for lowest fuel consumption in Europe
  64. Honda CEO: electric vehicles are a 'core technology'
  65. Honda CR-Z will run Pikes Peak with full-EV power
  66. Recharge Wrap-up: Pikes Peak Honda CR-Z, Tesla's liquid-cooled cable
  67. Honda to ax Civic Hybrid, CNG models
  68. Honda aiming for new mpg-record on European hypermile drive
  69. FS Apple iPhone 6 Plus 16GB Factory Unlocked $400
  70. SAE World Congress: Testing out the Honda UNI-CUB, Walking Assist Device
  71. SAE World Congress: Honda FCEV fuel cell stack has cells just 1 mm thin
  72. Acura confirms more 2016 NSX details
  73. All Honda Accord Hybrid production moving to Japan
  74. Honda S660 Kei car makes you want to jump in and drive
  75. Honda rolls out production S660 roadster in Japan
  76. Honda Fit EV lease drops to $199 a month, but there's a catch
  77. Recharge Wrap-up: Ford announces e-bike project, Honda Accord Hybrid availabilit
  78. Honda gives itself room to delay FCV hydrogen car until June 2017
  79. Honda shows off 2015 Euro-market Jazz
  80. Honda Accord barely edges Toyota Prius as California's best-selling car
  81. 2016 Honda Pilot is brand's first non-hybrid with stop-start
  82. Toyota, Nissan, Honda will work together on hydrogen filling stations
  83. Alonso and Button try out Honda's Uni-Cub mobility scooter
  84. Honda not ready to give up on CR-Z, Civic Hybrid in US just yet
  85. Tokyo wants 6k fuel-cell cars from Toyota and Honda for 2020 Olympics
  86. 2016 Honda HR-V scores class-leading 35 mpg
  87. Honda rolls out six-seat Jade Hybrid wagon in Japan
  88. Honda introducing all-new EV, PHEV models by 2018
  89. 2016 Acura NSX: Everything there is to know [w/video]
  90. Recharge Wrap-up: Elon Musk in Reddit AMA; Honda releases annual environmental r
  91. Honda delays JDM Legend over quality concerns
  92. Recharge Wrap-up: Honda FCV Concept comes to Detroit, Toyota seeks young green e
  93. Recharge Wrap-up: Honda releases "Green Dealer" Guide, Tesla's China president s
  94. Acura NSX coming to Detroit, the wait is almost over [w/video]
  95. Recharge Wrap-up: Honda FCV Concept comes to Detroit, Toyota seeks young green e
  96. Teased: Acura NSX coming to Detroit, the wait is almost over [w/video]
  97. Recharge Wrap-up: Honda releases "Green Dealer" Guide, Tesla's China president s
  98. Official: Honda rolls out new N-Box Slash kei car in Japan
  99. Recharge Wrap-up: Honda Grace hybrid goes on sale in Japan, Daimler spends 100M
  100. Official: Honda working on 'power exporter' to go with fuel-cell vehicle
  101. Official: Honda spending $13.8 million on hydrogen infrastructure with FirstElem
  102. Official: Honda delays hydrogen fuel cell sedan, debuts new concept
  103. Recharge Wrap-up: Honda Legend Sport Hybrid launching in Japan; driving cross-co
  104. Report: Honda making hydrogen from solar power in UK
  105. Official: New Honda Civic Natural Gas goes on sale end of November
  106. Spy Shots: Acura NSX prototype gets back on track
  107. Video: OK Go ride Honda UNI-CUB
  108. Report: Honda execs take 'quality-related' pay cut after Fit Hybrid's 5th recall
  109. Recharge Wrap-up: BYD unveils 60-ft electric bus, Honda sticking with hybrids in
  110. Recharge Wrap-up: 2015 Honda CR-Z now on sale, Daimler and Linde building hydrog
  111. Official: Honda, SolarCity expand sun-powered partnership with new $50 million f
  112. Video: How to charge up your BMW i3 with a Honda
  113. Video: Acura NSX bodywork to be sheathed in zirconium e-coat, fewer paint layers
  114. Spy Shots: 2015 Acura NSX burns to the ground at the 'Ring [w/video]
  115. Spy Shots: Production Acura NSX spied getting sharper on the 'Ring
  116. Recharge Wrap-up: Charging in Iceland, Smart "For" campaign, Honda open sources
  117. Recalls: Acura recalls 2013-2014 ILX, ILX Hybrid over fire-prone headlamps
  118. Exclusive: Acura ILX Hybrid discontinued for 2015 [UPDATE]
  119. Official: Honda Super Cub first vehicle to receive 3D trademark in Japan
  120. Report: Honda Accord Hybrid falls well short of 47 mpg, says Consumer Reports [w
  121. Study: Hyundai-Kia claims 'greenest' title from Honda, Big Three still big loser
  122. Report: Toyota, Honda, Nissan and more collaborating to increase fuel efficiency
  123. Report: 2015 Honda Fit delayed until June for quality checks
  124. Video: Honda releases H2O brand bottled water to promote FCX Clarity
  125. Official: Zipcar, Honda announce OneWay carsharing with 2015 Fit
  126. Beijing: Honda Concept B Hybrid production version coming to China in 2016
  127. Report: Honda Accord Hybrid sales capacity constrained
  128. First Drive: 2015 Honda Fit
  129. Video: Honda Smart Home, NJ dealer show the power of solar
  130. Official: Honda installs 3-minute, fast-fuelling hydrogen fuel station in Califo
  131. Official: Honda Insight finally, officially dead
  132. Report: Honda, GM fuel-cell partnership wants to reduce hydrogen refueling costs
  133. Report: Honda pulling plug on slow-selling Insight hybrid [UPDATE]
  134. Official: 2015 Honda Fit production gets underway in Mexico
  135. Report: Honda ending CR-Z, Insight sales in Europe
  136. Video: Latest Honda promo film is a Never Ending Race against emissions
  137. Report: Honda Odyssey hybrid under consideration in Japan, but not US
  138. Official: Honda Fit, Vezel Hybrids recalled in Japan; US vehicles not affected
  139. Official: 2014 Honda Civic Hybrid now available nationwide, CNG model in 37 stat
  140. Official: Honda MC-
  141. Detroit: 2015 Honda Fit shapes up for America [w/video]
  142. Quick Spin: Honda MC-
  143. Report: Honda favoring turbo over hybrid for US-market Vezel
  144. Official: 2015 Honda Fit set for Detroit reveal
  145. First Drive: 2014 Acura RLX Sport Hybrid [w/video]
  146. Official: Honda will use Accord Plug-in for vehicle-to-grid demonstration projec
  147. Official: 2014 Honda Civic Natural Gas, Hybrid on sale in February
  148. Official: 2014 Honda Civic priced from $18,190*, new CVT boosts city mpg
  149. Rumormill: 2015 Honda Insight facing cancellation
  150. Quick Spin: Honda CR-Z carbon-fiber prototype
  151. Quick Spin: 2015 Honda Civic Type R prototype
  152. Tokyo: Honda shows MC-
  153. Los Angeles: Honda Accord Hybrid and PHEV win 2014 Green Car of the Year
  154. Los Angeles: 2014 Acura RLX Sport Hybrid SH-AWD is the V8 alternative we've been
  155. Los Angeles: Honda FCEV is the hydrogen-powered spaceship we'll be piloting in 2
  156. Official: KBB names 2014 Honda Accord Plug-In Hybrid the PHEV with best resale v
  157. Tokyo: Honda Vezel is the Fit crossover we've been waiting for
  158. Video: Watch this LSR Honda Insight crash at 190 mph in the desert
  159. Official: 2014 Acura RLX gets trick hybrid all-wheel drive system for LA
  160. Official: Honda reveals three new turbo VTEC engines, including Civic Type R 2.0
  161. Official: Honda Walking Assist Device begins US testing at Rehabilitation Instit
  162. Official: Honda announces UNI-CUB
  163. Report: New Honda Fit ousts Toyota Prius as Japan's top-selling car last month
  164. Official: Honda's next-gen fuel cell concept will debut in LA, along with more C
  165. Official: Honda works updated Micro Commuter, FCX Clarity into 'Smart Mobility'
  166. Quick Spin: 2014 Honda HPD CR-Z
  167. Official: Acura RLX Sport Hybrid SH-AWD set for LA debut
  168. Exclusive: Honda loves 86-mpg Fit Hybrid in Japan, 'may reevaluate' for US
  169. Video: Honda demonstrates driverless valet parking system with special Fit EVs
  170. Quick Spin: 2013 Honda CR-Z
  171. First Drive: 2014 Honda Accord Hybrid [w/video]
  172. Honda N Box + has incredible versatility as oddly humorous JDM video shows
  173. Official: 2014 Honda CR-Z Hybrid gets $20 price increase, starts at $19,995*
  174. Official: Zipcar loves Honda Plug-in Hybrids in Boston carsharing program
  175. Report: Why Honda of America won't fit 2014 Fit models with start/stop
  176. 2014 Honda Accord Hybrid priced from $29,155*
  177. Official: Mugen works up 2014 Honda Fit
  178. Official: 2014 Honda Accord Hybrid ups rating to 50 mpg city
  179. Official: Honda launches new Fit in Japan, has big expectations for North Americ
  180. Official: ZIpcar gaily supports GLAAD with Honda Insight carsharing
  181. Quick Spin: 2013 Honda Civic Hybrid
  182. Official: Honda demonstrates new Vehicle-to-Pedestrian safety tech [w/video]
  183. Official: Honda debuts NSX Concept-GT hybrid racer
  184. Official: Honda goes solar in Japan, will sell renewable energy in 2015
  185. Official: Honda invests $215M in Ohio Earth Dreams production
  186. Official: Snapshots from Acura NSX prototype run at Mid-Ohio
  187. Video: Watch an Acura NSX prototype lap the track at Mid-Ohio
  188. Official: Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Mitsubishi will collaborate on charging network
  189. Official: Honda reveals next-gen Fit Hybrid
  190. Report: Honda begins Micro Commuter testing
  191. Report: In which an EV1 rises from the dead as a modified Honda Insight
  192. Read This: Honda, Fiat show dutiful compliance in EV game
  193. Review: 2013 Acura ILX Hybrid
  194. Report: Next-gen Honda Fit Hybrid could get 85 mpg in Japan
  195. Official: GM, Honda to work together on hydrogen fuel cells for 2020-ish
  196. Report: Honda Civic poised to get new Earth Dreams engines
  197. Official: 2014 Honda Accord Hybrid will get 49 mpg city in US, starts at $37,260
  198. Official: Honda joins H2USA to ready infrastructure for hydrogen vehicles
  199. Official: Honda Fit EV lease drops to $259 with no down payment, unlimited miles
  200. Report: High schooler electrifies Honda S2000
  201. Read This: Little car, big arguments: Honda Fit EV review divides C&D readers fo
  202. Featured: A conversation with Ted Klaus, chief engineer of the new Acura NSX
  203. Official: Acura NSX to be built in Ohio in 2015
  204. Official: Honda gets "Zero Net Energy" Smart Home in CA, goes for wind power in
  205. Report: Honda boss says Chinese drivers don't want green cars
  206. Official: Zipcar adds Honda Fit EVs to Los Angeles fleet
  207. Report: Honda leads pack with four HOV qualifying vehicles in California
  208. Official: How the Honda Accord PHEV blends Eco Assist and adaptive cruise contro
  209. Official: Zipcar plugs Honda Fit EVs into Portland fleet
  210. Official: Honda, SolarCity will partner on solar-energy installments [w/video]
  211. Official: Honda Fit EV comes to the East Coast
  212. Official: Honda installing wind turbines to make cars with wind power at Ohio fa
  213. Report: Honda "monitoring" Fit EV recharging problems at Ecotality Blink station
  214. Official: Honda officially starts '14 Accord Plug-in Sales in New York, Californ
  215. Honda will build 2014 Accord Hybrid in Ohio
  216. Breaking: Honda Accord Hybrid will get 68 mpg in Japan
  217. Official: Honda prepping Mugen CR-Z, more N-One models for Tokyo Auto Salon
  218. Report: 2014 Honda Plug-In Hybrid Accord is CARB's first SULEV20 gas car
  219. Los Angeles: Honda Accord PHEV: 115 MPGe for $39,780
  220. Official: Honda Insight, Fit Hybrids coming to China
  221. Official: Updated 2013 Honda CR-Z priced at $19,975*
  222. Report: Will Hyundai's MPG malfunction give ground to Honda?
  223. Official: Honda unveils new diesel for overseas Civic... will it come here?
  224. Official: Honda previews trio of hybrid systems for different driving characteri
  225. Official: Honda Micro Commuter is a funky little quadricycle
  226. Video: Honda uses hydro power because "Every Drop Counts"
  227. SEMA: Honda HPD Supercharged CR-Z Concept is the one we've been longing for
  228. A mixture of Mazda RX-8 and CRZ :)
  229. Rumormill: Acura NSX production car headed for Detroit debut?
  230. Honda sells millionth hybrid 13 years after first introducing Insight
  231. Honda offering $3,000 gas card with Civic Natural Gas purchase; is it worth it?
  232. Honda joins hydrogen fuel cell vehicle effort in Nordic countries
  233. Honda considers building new Accord Hybrid in U.S.
  234. 2014 Honda Accord Plug-In Hybrid
  235. Honda's CEO say three hybrid systems, more ICEs coming in five year plan
  236. Zipcar will start carsharing Honda Fit EVs in San Francisco
  237. Honda CR-Z facelift teased on Japanese site
  238. 2013 Honda Accord hits 36 MPG highway
  239. 2014 Honda Accord Plug-in Hybrid sedan offers 10-15 miles of EV range, 100 MPGe*
  240. Honda's modest sales target adds 200 Fit EVs in Japan
  241. Acura's ILX Hybrid gets all ate up with LED lighting
  242. Honda's new 'Earth Dreams' drivetrains go into production
  243. Is the Nissan Leaf the second coming of the Honda Insight?
  244. Honda launches Jazz (Fit) Hybrid in Thailand
  245. Honda will start making Jazz (Fit) hybrid in Malaysia
  246. Honda delivers first Fit EV in California
  247. Honda adding Civic Hybrid production to Indiana plant; part of overall increase
  248. Hondalink EV is new cloud-based infotainment, charging system for Fit EV, Accord
  249. Honda's versatile little N Box+ hits the scene... in Japan only
  250. Honda and Mugen develop widebody twin-turbo V6 CR-Z for racing [w/video]