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  1. First thread :cool:
  2. AFVI 2008: A cringing lunch, courtesy of Honda
  3. New York Times samples the 53mpg Honda Accord diesel
  4. Honda Civic hybrid will be India's first
  5. got a 2002 civic hybrid, vibration from CVT on accelerate
  6. Honda announces more details about FCX Clarity leasing
  7. Honda CEO shares more details about new hybrid models coming next year
  8. Honda passes the 60 million Cub mark
  9. Honda motorcycles to get Variable Cylinder Management and more
  10. Inventive minds attach a jet engine to a Honda Ruckus
  11. Freed, the Honda Fit-based minivan, released in Japan
  12. Honda and Toyota to lower hybrid battery replacement costs
  13. Honda Civic shoots to the top of the sales charts for May
  14. Honda FCX Clarity available for the G8 summit
  15. Honda Announces First FCX Clarity Customers and World's First Fuel Cell Vehicle Deale
  16. 2008 Honda FCX Specifications and Features
  17. Honda announces first batch of FCX Clarity lessees, starts production
  18. Honda to revive the Insight name for new hybrid?
  19. Honda's hybrid tax credit to be halved again on July 1
  20. Honda launches Civic hybrid in India
  21. Honda attacks another part of life-cycle emissions with new rail car
  22. AutoblogGreen for 06.23.08
  23. AutoblogGreen for 06.24.08
  24. AutoblogGreen for 06.25.08
  25. Obama critizes McCain's $300m battery prize
  26. Honda picks "Racing to Green Mobility" as 2009 SAE Congress theme
  27. AutoblogGreen for 06.26.08
  28. In the Autoblog Garage: 2009 Mercury Mariner Hybrid [w/VIDEO]
  29. Honda bringing more Fits stateside
  30. Honda publishes new environmental progress report
  31. Honda unveils Japanese FCX Clarity - now with more heated seats!
  32. i'm back! 9 years later...
  33. Honda VFR conversion to electric power now complete
  34. Honda to reveal new sports car concept at British International Motor Show
  35. Spy Shots: Honda's hybrid-only Prius fighter!
  36. Spy Shots: Honda Civic Hybrid facelift
  37. London 2008: Honda OSM, a low-emission roadster concept
  38. Honda launches micro-site in advance of its new hybrids
  39. First keys delivered to customer for Honda FCX Clarity
  40. 2009 Honda hybrid system cost to be cut in half!
  41. Jamie Lee Curtis receives her Honda FCX Clarity
  42. Paris Preview: Honda to reveal new hybrid hatchback
  43. Honda rapidly refining PGM-FI, introduces CZ Motard in Thailand
  44. Honda Stream wagon could be coming to the US market
  45. In the AutoblogGreen Garage: 2008 Honda Civic Hybrid
  46. Honda getting 3 more hybrids and 3 diesels in the next few years
  47. Honda's hybrid-only model will hit in April 2009
  48. ABG First Drive: 2009 Honda Fit Sport
  49. 2009 Honda Fit will be available early next week - one month earlier than planned
  50. Honda Fit hybrid not coming to the U.S.
  51. Pics aplenty: 2009 Honda Civic Hybrid
  52. Rendered Speculation: Honda's dedicated hybrid
  53. Honda to debut Prius-fighter concept this Thursday
  54. Paris Preview: Honda Insight concept to be new global hybrid
  55. My New Car!
  56. Well here's something different
  57. Honda reveals its plans for Paris
  58. Honda to sell maker of Phill CNG home fueling device
  59. Honda and Yamaha to make electric motorcycles
  60. New Honda City unveiled in Thailand - is this the look of the new Insight?
  61. Honda claims similarity between Insight and Prius a coincidence
  62. Rendered Speculation: Honda CR-Z hybrid coupe
  63. Honda Formula 1 team making progress in testing of KERS system
  64. Honda not interested in plug-in hybrids yet, batteries not ready
  65. Toyota, Honda and GM most blogged
  66. Lotus and Oaktec developing Honda Civic hybrid for rally/circuit duty
  67. Honda working on hybrid motorcycles
  68. Honda intentionally limiting sales of its Civic GX?
  69. Paris 2008: Live shots of the new Honda Insight... at last!
  70. Honda: U.K. drivers think hybrids are too expensive
  71. In India, Hero Honda believes high fuel prices may be a blessing
  72. VIDEO: Live reveal of Honda Insight and a new company blog
  73. On the heels of the new Insight blog, Honda launches hybrid mini-site
  74. Honda sabotaging its own FCX Clarity?
  75. More Ridgeline trucks with increased efficiency coming from Honda?
  76. Honda cutting Pilot production, shifting Accord, Ridgeline, adding fours
  77. Honda not selling CNG unit to Clean Energy Fuels
  78. Acura may buck the trend and add a V8 engine to next RL
  79. Honda Soltec PV panels now available for public/industrial applications
  80. Will Acura's new diesel jump on the DOA train?
  81. Does Anybody like New Insight?
  82. SAE 2009: Honda's fuel cell friendly exhibit
  83. Honda/GS Yuasa JV starts construction of lithium battery plant
  84. Honda completes new diesel engine plant, U.S. still doesn't get them
  85. Honda pondering plug-in hybrid as response to U.S. policy changes?
  86. Honda, Toyota make $3,100 profit on each hybrid sold
  87. No Surprise: Honda Insight discussions usually include mentions of Toyota Prius
  88. Honda sells 2,096 Insight hybrids in April, Prius sales drop 61.5%
  89. Honda's FuelMaker finds a new home at Fuel Systems Solutions
  90. Honda CR-Z
  91. Q'orianka Kilcher trades in her old Honda FCX for a new Clarity
  92. Honda Insight becomes best-selling vehicle in Japan
  93. Honda starts making Civic GX in Indiana
  94. Jeremy Clarkson on Honda Insight: Possibly the worst new car money can buy
  95. Rumormill: 2012 Honda Civic details circulate
  96. Honda may introduce 2 new hybrid sports cars in the near future
  97. London's congestion charge expansion will cleanly fuel Honda's sales
  98. Honda Fit Hybrid production moved up to fall of 2010? (w/POLL)
  99. Trying out the new Insight in Spain at the EcoDesafío Honda Insight
  100. Trying out the new Insight in Spain at the EcoDesafío Honda Insight
  101. Post your battery life!
  102. Honda likely to miss U.S. sales targets for Insight?
  103. REPORT: Honda considering two lower-cost hybrids
  104. Honda Insight tops European hybrid sales chart
  105. Rendering: 2011 Honda CR-ZX hybrid
  106. Consumer Reports blasts Honda Insight, ranked 21 of 22 tested
  107. Honda still targeting its engines as a key to hybrid improvement
  108. Japanese Honda Insights can compete for best MPG rating, with Snoopy's help
  109. Production Honda CR-Z hybrid coming to Japan in February 2010
  110. eBay Find of the day: 1971 Honda N600 EV conversion
  111. Rumormill: Front-wheel drive, hybrid Honda S2000 "replacement" coming in 2012
  112. Honda to focus on hybrid, halts development on V8 engine, rear-drive
  113. Report: Honda fast-tracking updates to improve Insight
  114. EICMA to feature green motorcycle showcase, but not Honda or Yamaha
  115. Honda starts building flex-fuel City sedan in Brazil
  116. Honda Insight sales withering with competition from Prius
  117. Honda Civic GX enters third market in Utah
  118. Zeus gets down with Honda's new Insight
  119. Honda: Insight doesn't look like Prius. Seriously.
  120. Honda: Fuel cells offer "the ultimate zero-emission car"
  121. Honda: Fuel cells offer "the ultimate zero-emission car"
  122. My 2010 Insight's high-pitched whine?
  123. Acura won't get into horsepower war, will focus on efficiency
  124. Who copied whom?
  125. REPORT: Honda to show EV prototype in Tokyo, production in 2015
  126. Corvette and Acura win first Canadian Green Challenge race
  127. With V8s and V10s dead, Acura may instead revive the RSX
  128. Insight 1G: first-gen Honda Insight with diesel upgrade gets 80 mpg
  129. Edmunds spends a few days with the Honda FCX Clarity
  130. REPORT: Honda hybrid Freed Minivan coming in two years, pure electric vehicle by
  131. Honda to launch first-ever dual clutch gearbox for motorcycles with new VFR
  132. Honda still plans 200 FCX Clarity leases, showroom sales by 2015
  133. Consumer Reports tests fuel efficiency vs. speed; Honda Insight biggest loser
  134. Patent application reveals possible cylinder deactivation tech for Honda motorcy
  135. Tokyo Preview: Honda unveils U3-X personal mobility device
  136. Tokyo Preview: Near-production Honda CR-Z "Concept" unveiled
  137. California ZEV regulations may push Honda to release a BEV, fuel cells still the
  138. Honda says nanotubes "open new possibilities" for hybrids and EVs - and muscles
  139. Tokyo Preview: Honda EV-N concept is retro-adorable, has unicycle storage
  140. Acura and Porsche take inaugural ALMS Green Challenge championship
  141. Ford may pass Honda as second best hybrid seller in U.S.
  142. BMW X6 and Honda Crosstour: The shape of things to come?
  143. Honda FCX clarity arrives in Europe, but only for the media
  144. Honda offers up bicycle simulator to improve safety
  145. REPORT: Honda considering electric car launch in major markets, CEO says
  146. Tokyo Preview: Honda to show off all-electric Cub
  147. Tokyo 2009: Honda CR-Z coming to America next fall with six-speed manual!
  148. Tokyo 2009: Honda EV-N concept combines future drive with retro style
  149. REPORT: Nissan's Ghosn rules out hybrid-only models like Toyota Prius, Honda Ins
  150. Tokyo 2009: We sample Honda's quirky U3-X, stride management assist and bodyweig
  151. Honda CEO: People will embrace fuel cells when they realize battery limits
  152. Tokyo 2009: Honda rolls out the EV-Cub, we pray for a production model
  153. REPORT: Honda plans a return to larger hybrids
  154. Honda Insight wins Japan Automotive Hall of Fame Car of the Year
  155. Honda designers talk about EV concepts from Tokyo
  156. LA Preview: Are They Nuts? Honda to show off Personal-Neo Urban Transport concep
  157. Honda tops 2009 corporate fuel economy charts, Chrysler trails
  158. Report: Revived Toyota MR2 hybrid could challenge Honda CR-Z
  159. LA 2009: Honda's P-NUT cracked open for all to see
  160. Honda CR-Z brochure leaks out, production specs revealed
  161. Honda CEO Takanobu Ito talks green car strategies
  162. Honda decides eco-features, not hot people at the beach, should define Insight a
  163. Honda plans to settle Civic Hybrid mileage suit out of court. Is it a fair deal?
  164. U.S. Honda Insight sales continue to stall, Japanese sales beat projections
  165. 26 state attorneys general object to Honda Civic Hybrid lawsuit settlement
  166. REPORT: Honda to premiere new small car concept at Delhi Motor Show
  167. Environmental group sues Honda for slogan trademark infringement
  168. Yes, There's More: 2011 Honda CR-Z video captures leak out
  169. Mean Green: Tommy Kaira slams Toyota Prius and Honda Insight
  170. Delhi Auto Expo: more details on Honda New Small Concept
  171. Canadian Olympic hockey team captain gets Honda FCX Clarity
  172. Detroit 2010: Honda CR-Z promises to bring driving joy to the hybrid equation
  173. Honda CEO Takanobu Ito announces that Acura will add a hybrid
  174. Honda to show Insight Sports Modulo Concept, more at Tokyo Auto Salon
  175. Honda's official CR-Z video talks driving experience, "values you can talk about
  176. Report: 2011 Acura TSX first in line to get hybrid powertrain
  177. CNG-fueled Honda Civic GX ranked #1 on ACEEE greenest vehicle list. Again
  178. Report: Honda will develop a hybrid that bests Prius' mpg rating
  179. Honda unveils new solar-powered hydrogen generating and fueling station
  180. 214 mpg with DIY aerodynamic fairings on a Honda 125cc motorbike
  181. Honda UK asks: would you rather have a Prius or a Bose sound system (and an Insi
  182. Honda: Insight "too small," likely to miss sales targets, Fit Hybrid a 'struggle
  183. Honda tries out "Live Every Litre" campaign for CR-Z hybrid
  184. California custom shop builds an electric Honda N360
  185. Rumormill: Honda CR-Z Type-R in the works
  186. Report: Honda's large-car hybrid system getting closer
  187. Honda looking at smaller diesel engine for Europe and India
  188. Geneva Preview: Honda 3R-C concept takes another shot at personal mobility
  189. Mugen accessories for the Honda CR-Z officially revealed
  190. Geneva 2010: Honda 3R-C Concept is one trick trekky trike
  191. Report: Honda CR-Z was almost killed twice, U.S. dealers didn't want it
  192. Honda CR-Z enjoying high early demand in home market?
  193. Honda reports 8,000 orders for CR-Z hybrid in less than 3 weeks
  194. Honda U3-X comes to America, New York this weekend and then on to Detroit
  195. Rumormill: More powerful Honda hybrid coupe in the works?
  196. Honda unveils EV-neo, promises Japanese sales in 2010
  197. Innovative thinking from Honda: build "appealing" plug-ins and the infrastructur
  198. Pics Aplenty: Honda releases boatload of new CR-Z shots... in Europe
  199. Video: Fifth Gear takes a crack at the Honda CR-Z
  200. New? Used? Hybrid? Non?
  201. Oklahoma is newest market for natural-gas burning Honda GX
  202. Honda president says next Insight will beat Prius in mpg fight
  203. Comparo proves diesels are much thriftier than Honda CR-Z hybrid
  204. White House Correspondents Assoc to get gas free transport from Honda, Chevrolet
  205. Honda going after tuning crowd with 2011 CR-Z?
  206. Survey: Car buyers most likely to purchase EVs from Toyota, Honda and Ford; Niss
  207. Honda cites tougher fuel economy standards for delay in launch of new Civic
  208. Honda skeptical of EV future, doesn't "recommend them"
  209. World's Greenest Cheerleader: ASIMO roots on drivers at Honda's Green Car Challe
  210. Not all bad: Honda CR-Z called "one of the most desirable cars on the planet"
  211. Honda updates popular "Impossible Dream" commercial, adds a touch of green
  212. Honda "hopes to work with China to develop batteries" for EVs
  213. Report: Honda buys $13.8 million worth of plug-in credits from Tesla
  214. Utility Review: 2010 Honda Fit Sport actually does "fit" it all in
  215. Mugen tuner parts for Honda CR-Z coming to UK dealerships soon
  216. Deep Dive: Getting intimate with the 2010 Honda CR-Z's powertrain
  217. First Drive: 2011 Honda CR-Z
  218. Officially official: 2011 Honda CR-Z starts at $19,200, available August 24
  219. Report: Honda to offer Fit Hybrid for $16,570, let the price wars begin
  220. 2011 Honda Accord ups the ante by increasing mpg rating to 23/34 city/highway
  221. Honda focused on regaining MPG title, but Hyundai aims to stretch the gap
  222. Video: LA Times tries out the latest Honda home hydrogen station
  223. Report: Honda resumes construction of hybrid plant in Japan, opening slated for
  224. Thoughts on the Toyota/Tesla RAV4 EV from old-school RAV4 EV drivers (also, is H
  225. Report: Honda to abandon clean diesel development, focus on hybrids
  226. Honda FCX Clarity, Civic GX still get HOV lane access in California
  227. 2011 Honda Insight gets suspension changes in EU, U.S. to follow?
  228. Report: Honda to announce plans for upcoming plug-in hybrid, EV
  229. Honda CEO announces plans to sell plug-in hybrid, EV in U.S. and Japan beginning
  230. Take the Honda CR-Z on a virtual race with 3 Mode Mania
  231. Report: Honda to price Fit Hybrid at $18,600 in Japan
  232. Emissions regs will kill Honda Civic Type-R in most of Europe at end of 2010
  233. Honda to fix software flaw that affects battery life on Civic Hybrid
  234. Report: Honda's Civic Hybrid software fix hurting real-world mpg for some
  235. Report: Honda Canada discontinuing Insight and Civic hybrid
  236. Update: Honda Canada not canceling Insight, Civic hybrids, will order as needed
  237. Paris preview: Honda Jazz/Fit hybrid officially debuts
  238. Honda CR-Z returns rather disappointing 35.3 mpg during 125-mile test drive
  239. Review: 2011 Honda CR-Z
  240. Toyota mulling addition of sporty hybrid to compete with Honda CR-Z
  241. Report: Honda confirms natural-gas GX trim for next-gen Civic
  242. Honda considers doubling production of CNG-powered Civic GX
  243. Honda will take over Times Square tomorrow to promote the heck out of the CR-Z h
  244. Honda releases more Fit Hybrid images, details
  245. Report: Honda will give new life to Accord Hybrid
  246. Paris 2010: 2011 Honda Fit (Jazz) Hybrid greens up the place [w/video]
  247. Paris 2010: Honda CR-Z gets Euro-cessorized
  248. Honda to introduce refreshed Fit, all-new Fit Hybrid on October 8th in Japan
  249. Honda Civic Hybrid sales soar; up 338% over last September
  250. Honda wins UCS' "Greenest Automaker" title for fifth straight year, Chrysler nam