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Thread: White Powder in Distributor Cap

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    White Powder in Distributor Cap

    My 91 Accord just started not starting in the afternoon after work when I get back to the commuter lot.

    I've figured out that if I take off the distributer cap there is a lot of white powder so I take it off the contacts in the distributor cap and Rotor. The car will start right up.

    I cleaned it all out and replaced the cap and rotor but the powder came back again and didn't start again last night till I cleaned it out.

    I did replace the distributor about a month and a half ago and bought the part from Advanced Auto so I think I will take it back off and go and tell them I need one that works unless you people have a better idea??????

    Haynes manual has nothing about white powder in it.....none that I found.

    Any body ever have simular problems?

    Thanks in advance.


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    I realized what it was. It was media that didn't get blown out of the distributor when it was rebuilt.

    I had gone to Advanced Auto Yesterday and had an argument with the manager because without even seeing the unit he said that I had misinstalled the Distrubutor and he wouldn't take it back unless the Honda dealer called him and told him it was a bad unit. I told him I was bringing it back and he WAS going to honor his warranty.

    When I got back home and started taking it off I realized it was bead blast media from a hand blaster that was NOT cleaned out properly so I cleaned it out really good and it seems to be working fine.

    If it gets all over the contacts and stops working again. I'm taking it back and if the manager tries to NOT honor his warranty I'll take it a step further.

    Has anyone else had any such luck with Advanced Auto?

    I was buying a light bulb to replace the one in the trunk and I asked the counter guy what the procedure was on returning defective parts that carried the lifetime warranty he didn't even try and answer me he just called he manager up to the deck. The manager already had an attitude before I even told him what was wrong he told me there was NO way any white power could be coming out of the distrubuter.

    Anyway....use caution when dealing with those guys it might just be the manager at that one store??????? I don't know??? But I am curious if anyone else has had simular problems with them.


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    yeah, Advance auto sucks. I never get what I want there and the people who usually work ther are morons. Not everyone, but most
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    Yes. I bought struts from one store and had to return them. I went to the closest one and tried to return em. The guy laughed and told me to bring them back to Norwich. I found out that they're a chain and the guy should have taken back my struts. Poor customer service. This was at the one near Clinton, CT.

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    you can snort it I think?

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